3rd Army (Soviet Army) - 3. Armee (Sowjetarmee)

3. Armee


National badge of the armed forces of the USSR
active January 6, 1954 to October 1991
State Flag of the Soviet Union.svg USSR
Armed forces CA 1954–1991
Armed forces Lord
Type Large association
structure See outline
Subordinate troops

4 divisions, various independent brigades, regiments and battalions

HQ Magdeburg (1945 to 1991)
Stem number 04085
Awards Order of Red Banner.svg

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WGT armies stationed in 1991.

The 3rd Army ( Russian 3-я армия ) (short: 3rd A / Troop part № of the leadership (В / Ч): 16736), was subordinate to the Group of Soviet Armed Forces in Germany or the Western Group of Troops (GSSD / WGT). The headquarters of the army was in Magdeburg . The large association has had various names since it was set up in World War II . The full name at the time of the dissolution was the 3rd General Red Banner Army ( Russian 3-я общевойсковая Краснознамённая армия/ 3-yes obschewoiskowaja krasnosnamjonnaja armija, or 3. A). The army was withdrawn to Russia and disbanded by October 1991 .


The large association has had the following names since it was set up:

  • 60th Army 1941 (November 15, 1941, first formation)
  • 3rd Shock Army 1941 to 1954 (December 25, 1941, created after reclassification from the 60th A )
    • Re-establishment of a 60th Army 1942 to 1945 (July 7, 1942, based on the 3rd Reserve Army ; dissolution August 1945)
  • 3rd Army 1954 to 1991 (January 6, 1954, renamed)

Second World War

The first formation of the 60th Army from units of the Volga military district took place in accordance with the directive of the headquarters of the command of the Supreme Commander of the Red Army of November 2, 1941, with deployment in the Moscow military district and direct subordination to the headquarters. The 3. A's initial inventory included five rifle divisions, a cavalry division, several artillery and other troops and units. From December 25, 1941, the army was part of the Moscow Defense Zone .

On December 25, 1941, the 60th Army was reclassified and renamed the 3rd Shock Army . On July 7, 1942, a large unit was again set up, which was named 60th Army . In August 1945 this army was reclassified. The command staff of the North Caucasus military district was formed from the previous management personnel of the 60th Army .

Post-war period

After the war, the army was subordinated to the GSSD / WGT. The army headquarters was established in Magdeburg and remained there until the withdrawal in 1991.

On January 6, 1954, the name was changed to 3rd Army (alternative designation: 3rd General Army). In 1974 the army was awarded the Order of the Red Banner . The large association then kept the new name of the 3rd (General) Red Banner Army until it was withdrawn and dissolved in 1991.

Army Commander

  • 1941 to 1954 see 3rd Shock Army
  • Aleksejew, Dmitri Fjodorowitsch (January 1954 - June 1956) - Colonel General (GenOberst)
  • Frolenkov, Mikhail Nikolayevich (December 1959 - August 1962) - GenLt of the armored forces
  • Kljukanow, Aleksandr Iwanowitsch (August 1962 - June 1965) - GenLt
  • Tousakov, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich (June 1971 - January 1973) - GenLt
  • Kuznetsov, Leonid Ivanovich (January 1973 - November 1974) - GenLt
  • Makarchuk, Pyotr Efimovich (November 1974 - July 1977) - GenLt
  • Sozkow, Michail Michailowitsch (July 1977 - July 1979) - GenLt
  • Skokow, Viktor Wassiljewitsch (July 1979 - December 1982) - GenLt
  • Pyankov, Boris Evgenyevich (December 1982 - July 1985) - GenLt
  • Chechevatov, Viktor Stepanovich (July 1985-1987) - GenLt
  • Mitjuchin, Aleksei Nikolajewitsch (1987 - October 1991) - GenLt

The army

The 3rd Army belonged to the western group of troops until 1991 and consisted of the following:

Direct subordinates

designation Location Tarnname Troop № comment
Army headquarters Magdeburg «Schasmin» 16736 also staff of the army
792. Independent Spetsnaz Reconnaissance Company Cochstedt 51953
115th Independent Panzer Regiment Quedlinburg "Battery" 59210 until late autumn 1990
899th Independent Air Storm Battalion Burg 61139 until the end of 1989
451. Independent anti-tank division Magdeburg 50348 in the sense of Panzerjägerabteilung
232. Independent Guard and Security Battalion Magdeburg 66007
36. Rocket Brigade Altengrabow "Gigena" 66222 8 TR «R-17» (9K72 «Elbrus»)[1]
448. Rocket Brigade Born 93926 (9K79 "Point") SS-21 Scarab
49th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade Planks "Radomir" 53504
385. Artillery Brigade Planks "Man" 11526 72×2S5, 5×PRP-3, 1×R-145BM, 2×BTR-60
178th Independent Combat Helicopter Regiment Brush 13993 40×Мi-24, 9×Мi-8
440th Independent Combat Helicopter Regiment Brush 31412 40×Мi-24, 30×Мi-8
296. Independent helicopter squadron Mahlwinkel 66566 6×Mi-8, 2×Mi-6, 2×Mi-24K, 2×Mi-24R
323rd Independent Engineer Battalion Magdeburg 43447
36th Independent Pontoon Bridge Regiment Magdeburg "Pachnalit" 43408
482nd Independent Tug Boat Engineer Battalion Magdeburg 41680
2nd Independent Battalion Chemical Reconnaissance Burg 19574
105th Independent Telecommunications Regiment Magdeburg «Turneps» 25556 R-145BM, 1×R-156BTR, 1×R-137B
254th Independent Radio Regiment Cochstedt «Deschnik» 57286
15th Independent Radio Technology Battalion Magdeburg "Moors" 61005 1×R-145BM
457th Independent Radio Link Cable Battalion Magdeburg "Polotenze" 46626
10. Selbstständiges EloKa-Bataillon Stahnsdorf Metrics 17832
42. Logistikbrigade Magdeburg «Jadriza» 05134
298th Independent Repair and Reconditioning Battalion Schönebeck 41438
302nd Independent Repair and Reconditioning Battalion Schönebeck 51055
1408. Military hospital Magdeburg Deistwije 06 28573
989. Military hospital Altengrabow «Istoritscheski 03» 17692
20. Medical unit for epidemiology Magdeburg 62930

7. Guard-Panzerdivision

designation Location Tarnname Troop № comment
7. Guard-Panzerdivision Roßlau (Elbe) "Addressee" 58391
55. Guard-Panzerregiment Lutherstadt Wittenberg 58434
56. Guard-Panzerregiment Zerbst «Ichtolog» 58404
79. Guard-Panzerregiment Roßlau (Elbe) "Dernistyi" 58434
40. MotSchützenregiment Bernburg 83060
670. Garde-Panzer-Artillerieregiment Cochstedt Hydroscope 35148
287th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment Roßlau (Elbe) 34974
4th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion Quedlinburg 47368
146th Independent Telecommunications Battalion Roßlau (Elbe) 58394
121. Independent Engineer Battalion Roßlau (Elbe) «Karamat» 58544
Independent battalion chemical defense Roßlau (Elbe) 25478
183rd Independent Logistics Battalion Roßlau (Elbe) 60449
58th Independent Repair and Reconditioning Battalion Roßlau (Elbe) 17843
89th Independent Medical Battalion Dessau 58818
  • Main armament 1980 = T-64 main battle tank
  • by the end of 1991 the division withdrew to the USSR; combined with the dissolution, reorganization and relocation of some units

10. Guard Panzer Division

designation Location Tarnname Troop № comment
10. Guard Panzer Division Krampnitz until 1983 "Alenka" 60550 Magdeburg March 1983 - 1991
Leadership of the division 1×PPR-3, 1×R-145BM, 1×Р-156xBTR
61. Garde-Panzerregiment Altengrabow 58493
62. Garde-Panzerregiment Altengrabow «Fagot» 60419
63. Garde-Panzerregiment Rosenkrug «Preschityi» 58766
248. Garde-MotSchützenregiment Schönebeck «Silowoi» 47457
744. Garde-Panzerartillerieregiment Altengrabow «Fljusowyo» 34879
359th Guards Air Defense Missile Regiment Potsdam 47320
112th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion Krampnitz «Towodniza» 35094
152nd Independent Telecommunications Battalion Krampnitz / Alten Grabow «Gerdnyi» 61011 9×R-145BM, 1×R-2AM
131. Independent Engineer Battalion Magdeburg / Krampnitz "Guitar" 58792
127th Independent Battalion Chemical Defense Krampnitz 25494
1072. Independent logistics battalion Krampnitz 34829
60th Independent Repair and Reconditioning Battalion Krampnitz 38661
188. Independent Medical Battalion Krampnitz
Total stock

Main battle tank = 364; Armored personnel carrier = 300 (BMP); Armored personnel carrier = 11 (BTR); Tank artillery = 108 (SAU); Mortar = 30; Multiple rocket launcher = 18 (RSSO)

The division is currently part of the land forces of the Russian Federation, deployed in the area of ​​the city of Boguchar and is part of the 20th Guard Army . The individual units of the division are essentially concentrated in three garrisons. The division headquarters is in Boguchar and the 248th MSR is in Voronezh . The 6th MSR is located in Kursk and after the reclassification of the 63rd GPR and the 6th SMSBr also belongs to the 10th GPD .

12. Guard-Panzerdivision

designation Location Tarnname Troop № comment
12. Guard-Panzerdivision Neuruppin «History» 58440
Leadership of the division 7×BTR-80, 8×BTR-60, 1×PPR-3, 1×R-145BM, 1×Р-15 6×BTR
48. Guard-Panzerregiment Neuruppin 58589
332. Garde-Panzerregimernt Neuruppin 47598
353. Guard-Panzerregiment Neuruppin 60689
200. Garde-MotSchützenregiment Castle near Magdeburg "Keramit" 61139
117th Panzer Artillery Regiment Mahlwinkel 74037
933th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment Burg «Akselband» 35866
18th Independent Guard Reconnaissance Battalion Mahlwinkel «Rogatsch» 60491
490th Independent Telecommunications Battalion Neuruppin 35139
136th Independent Guards Engineer Battalion Neuruppin "Tawotniza" 58348
Independent chemical defense company Neuruppin 25496
1074. Independent Logistics Battalion Neuruppin / Wulkow 47541
64th Independent Repair and Reconditioning Battalion Neuruppin 84861
208. Independent Medical Battalion Neuruppin 58219
Total stock

Combat tank = T-80; Protective tank = BMP; Team transporter armored = BTR; Armored Artillery = 54 (SAU)

In 1990, the 12th GPD began to withdraw from the territory of the GDR, which was connected with the regrouping of the troops. On November 19, the large unit still had armored artillery weapon systems 54xSAU (2S1 «Gwosdika» and 2С3 «Akazija»). All tanks were withdrawn in 1991.

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  • Soviet troops in Germany 1945 to 1994, memorial album, Moscow edition, «Junge Garde» publishing house, 1994; ISBN 5-235-02221-1 .


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Individual evidence

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