3 (Italian band) - 3 (banda italiana)

General data
Origin Agrigento , Italy
Artistic information
Genders) Black metal Industrial
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Kaos, Instruments, Effects, Song

3 is an industrial black metal band from Agrigento , Italy , that debuted in 2001 with their demo Antichristian Kaos . The subjects that they treat in their letters are fundamentally the blasphemy , the occultism and the Satanism .


  • Kaos (Rosario Badalamenti) - Instrumentation and voices (Astimi, Inchiuvatu, Maleficu Santificatu)

Kaos & 3

3rd century (ROSARIO Badalamenti) and "one of the extreme musicians" belonging to the Mediterranean scene. Gia 'guitarist at ASTIMI, sfoga her creative genius with a part of the projects is destined to become a priority "given the enormous interest of the public. Rosario in the year 2000 from birth to 3, a number that means a lot .. . and that musically and dedicated to a ferocious black contaminated by industrial metal apocalyptic sounds. Sampling, drum-machine impazzite, distorted voices and much more, create your ideal apocalypse sound. 3 does not need to have a musical reference, some respondents have talked about Diabolos Rising and other Ministry, Parnassus, and some Mz412 'that their way of making music has to do with' cold 'and extreme technology and more' Dark Black Metal. Without forgetting the then «Mediterranean» influences. Rosario released today by his name 3, only three demo "Antichristian Kaos" from 2001, "666 Knives to the Son's Heart" from 2003 and "Onnipotenza III" from 2005. The titles are well understand what kind of issues you prefer. The instruments with which he expresses his black music are: 7 guitar strings, bass, keyboards and piano, machine drum and various diavolerie, acoustic drum in a rudimentary and, of course, vocalist, dialect circle: English, German, Italian . 3 has received rave reviews, and is highly regarded abroad, with supporters of Med scenes or not. All this and 'very strange', because nobody has done a great business promoting their music. Rosario aware that her demos are in circulation, does not love to perform live and despises any type of contact with the public. In 2007 Rosario's project participate in the making of CD-INCH Productions with an unprecedented number and extraordinary song entitled "Malamore".


  • Antichristian Kaos Demo, 2001
  • 666 Knives to the Son's Heart Demo, 2003
  • Omnipotence III Demo, 2005
  • Holy Rosary Demo, 2008
  • The Left Arm Demo, 2010