3 families - 3 familias

3 Families is an Ecuadorian productionmade by the Ecuavisa television network, which premiered on March 31, 2014 in the format of a comedy series . [ 1 ] When it was renewed for a second season, it changed to a telenovela format, [ 2 ] it premiered on April 4, 2016. [ 3 ] It ended on July 27, 2020, after 6 seasons and more than 600 chapters.

Starring Martín Calle , Cecilia Cascante , Christian Maquilón , Érika Vélez , Víctor Aráuz , Frank Bonilla , Marcela Ruete and Diego Spotorno , with the antagonistic participations of Andrés Garzón , Flor María Palomeque , Ricardo Velasteguí and Héctor Garzón as the main villains. Accompanied by Katty García , Vicente Romero Rivera , Carlos Scavone , Martha Ontaneda , Jonathan Gonzalez, Michela Pincay, Shany Nadan , Carlos Valencia , Hilda Saraguayo, Emma Guerrero, Andrés Pellacini , María Fernanda Pérez , Elena Gui , Maximiliano Metz, Efraín Ruales and Jhomaira Ganchozo as secondary antagonists.

It features stellar performances by Bárbara Najas , José Luis Tola , Fernando Villao, Ney Calderón , Daniela Baque, Lorena Gaibor, Mayensi Rivera, Luciana Grassi , Valentina de Abreu , Kevin Chapin, Priscilla Negrón , Leonardo Moreira, Álex Vizuete , Ariel Zöller, Alejandra Paredes , Mayra Jaime, Bianca Fariña, Sergio Podeley , Andrés Guerrero and the first actors Miriam Murillo , Isidro Murillo , Diana Saporiti, Henry Layana , Hugo Avilés and the return of Amparo Guillén . With special performances byLorna Cepeda , Martín Karpan , Tábata Gálvez and the first actors Azucena Mora , Prisca Bustamante and Mimo Cava .


The production focuses on three families of different social levels who must face the same issue, each one represented by their respective attitudes, behaviors and lexicons, according to their economic, social, geographical, cultural and psychological situation. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] In each episode their stories are linked by a common situation that affects every family and find the solution. [ 4 ]


Some actors from 3 families. From top to bottom from left to right: Martín Calle , Katty García , Érika Vélez , Christian Maquilón , Andrés Garzón and Martha Ontaneda .

Season 1

It premiered on March 31, 2014 as a comic series and ended in July 2014, with a total of 35 chapters. [ 1 ] The plot revolves around the families mentioned below:

  • The Plaza - Lagos, [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Jaime Andrés and Lulu, are high - class, life is very predictable but there is always something to take them out of boxes.
  • The Vaca-Galindo, [ 8 ] Carlos and Carla, are middle class and live moderately, always looking to save money. [ 8 ]
  • The Tomalá - Cabeza, Genaro and Génesis, are of low class and with little budget and they manage to survive thanks to some cachuelos.

Season 2

3 Families: Corrected, Augmented and with yapa. It premiered on April 4, 2016, [ 3 ] under the telenovela format, unlike its first season. [ 9 ] It ended on August 23, 2016, with a total of 97 chapters.

After Diego Spotorno's departure from the original cast, Frank Bonilla became part of the cast in the role of Lulú Lagos' husband. [ 10 ] [ 11 ]

The story takes a turn where after the death of Jaime Andrés Plaza, Lulú finds a new husband, the Vaca Galindo family change house and the Tomalá Cabeza family receive a new member of their family. [ 2 ]

Season 3

3 Families: More Ecuadorians than ever and with plenty of rice. The third season began on March 6, 2017 [ 12 ] and ended on September 4, 2017, with a total of 119 episodes.

In this, a new married couple joined the middle-class family, the Vaca-Galindo, and the González-Suárez joined them. The Vaca-Galindo employee is pregnant and the mystery revolves around knowing who the father is. Likewise, Genesis and Lulu are pregnant with their husbands, and Armando Paz villain seeking revenge towards the 3 families [ 12 ]

Season 4

3 Families: Tighter than ever, screaming but happy. It premiered on April 2, 2018 and ended on December 21, 2018 with a total of 184 episodes, making it the longest season of the entire series.

The cast is integrated by Flor María Palomeque as an antagonist. This season takes place after three years, since the last events, the Tomalá Cabeza now live in a container where Agapito and Doña Geoco will arrive close together; On the other hand, the Vaca Galindo divorces, and Carla now lives in a model house with her children, and the Plaza Lagos lose their mansion and move to a penthouse after Luis Ernesto's company went bankrupt, added to that the unexpected and the tragic death of La Nena. [ 13 ]

Season 5

3 Families: The Origin. There is no fifth season! But we're going retro ... It premiered on August 20, 2019 and ended on December 20, 2019 with a total of 86 chapters.

Because every story has an origin and every present has a past, the plot goes back to 1978 where an innocent Genesis was haunted by the rogue of the neighborhood, Genaro, Lulú lived far from the current luxuries and Doña Geoco was already flirting with people .

Season 6

3 Families: The End. It is the last season of the series. It premiered on February 18, 2020, and ended on July 27, 2020, with a total of 101 chapters. [ 14 ]

It is focused on the fate of its protagonists, such as the new Plaza Lagos soccer team bought by Max (for a scam) and Lulú being single, after the abandonment of Luis Ernesto. The Tomalá Cabezas as owners of the Conventillo and with their own dance club: El Excelente, and Carla, who will be deported from the United States and a new love will come into her life, played by Víctor Aráuz . This also shows "the origin of the origin" of its protagonists, such as the birth of the love of Generoso and Carmita, the courtship of Cástula and Casimiro, and the love triangle between Lidia, Lucas and Lili. [ 15 ]


Seasons Episodes Start Final
1 35 March 31, 2014 July 2014
2 97 April 4, 2016 23 Aug 2016
3 119 March 6, 2017 4 September 2017
4 184 April 2, 2018 Dec 21, 2018
5 86 20 Aug 2019 Dec 20, 2019
6 101 February 18, 2020 July 27, 2020


Actor actress Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6
Martin Street [ 16 ] Genaro Antonio Tomalá Concha Protagonist
Generous Tomalá Avelino Absent Stellar
Cecilia Cascante [ 17 ] Genesis Geoconda Bull Heads of Tomalá Protagonist
Erik Velez [ 18 ] Carla Estefanía Galindo Posligua / de Vaca / vda. de Pinto / de Ríos "Rivers" Protagonist Guest Protagonist
Castula Posligua de Galindo (young) Absent Stellar
Marcela Ruete María de Lourdes Lagos Smith from Plaza "Lulú" Protagonist
Lidia Smith from Lagos Absent Stellar
Mirko "Lu" Absent Recurrent Absent
Frank Bonilla Luis Ernesto Plaza Absent Protagonist Absent
Primitivo / Luis Eduardo Plaza Absent Recurrent Absent
Christian Maquilon Carlos Eleodoro Cow Cattle Protagonist invited Absent
Stalyn Penaloza Invited Absent
Victor Arauz Víctor Ríos "Víctor Rivers" Absent Protagonist
Diego Spotorno [ 17 ] Jaime Andrés Plaza Protagonist Flashback Absent
Miriam murillo Geoconda Heads of Bull of Regalado "Doña Gioco" Guest Stellar
Zoila Cabezas "Mami Zoila" Absent Stellar
Isidro Murillo Agapito Regalado Happy Absent Stellar
Andres Garzon Armando Paz Absent Main Antagonist Absent
Clemencio Honesto Honorado Calvache / Clemencio Paz Absent Recurrent Absent
Flor Maria Palomeque Florence of the Ivy / Melanie Quimí / Florence Plaza Quimí Absent Main Antagonist Absent
Aunt Manzanilla Quimí Absent Recurrent Absent
Aunt Valeriana Quimí Absent Recurrent Absent
Amparo Guillén Carmen Concha vda. by Tomalá "Carmita" Absent Stellar
Ricardo Velasteguí Gerónimo Tomalá Avelino Absent Main Antagonist
Gerardo Tomalá Concha Absent Recurrent
Hector Garzón Brave Polybius Absent Main Antagonist
Katty Garcia Beverly Dávalos vda. of Zacarías / of Plaza Absent Antagonist Stellar Antagonist Absent
Martha Ontaneda Lucrecia vda. of Plaza Guest Antagonist Absent
Carlos Scavone Maximiliano "Max" Plaza Lagos Absent Stellar Antagonist Stellar
Bárbara Najas Lorena Plaza Lakes by Tomalá "La Nena" / Bella Absent Stellar Absent
Jose Luis Tola Gregorio "Gregory" Tomalá Caiche Absent Stellar Absent
Daniela Baque Fatima Caiche de Zambrano Guest Stellar
Fernando Villao Blu Ray Zambrano Invited Stellar Flashback Absent
Ney Calderon Frickson Plaza Invited Stellar Absent
Mayensi Rivera Shirley vda. of Plaza Guest Stellar Guest Absent
Prisca Bustamante Castula Posligua de Galindo Guest Recurrent Absent
Mimo Cava Casimiro Galindo Absent Invited Absent Invited Absent
Luciana Grassi Tiffani Tivanna de Paz "Titi" Guest Stellar Guest Absent
Valentina de Abreu Abigaíl Rodríguez de Quijije "La Chama" Absent Stellar Absent
Kevin Chapin Kevin Quijije Absent Recurrent Stellar
Emma warrior Ashley Chuchuca Absent Antagonist Stellar
Carlos Valencia Reynaldo Wated "The King of the Throne" Absent Antagonist Absent
Hilda Saraguayo Narcisa "Nachita" Cabezas de Toro Absent Antagonist Absent
Gioconda Cabezas De Toro "Gioco" (young) Absent Stellar
Alex Vizuete Justin gutierrez Absent Stellar
Petete Absent Recurrent
Leonardo Moreira Casimiro Galindo (young) Absent Stellar
Andres Pellacini Lucas Lagos Yellowstone (young) Absent Antagonist
Priscilla Negron Carmen Concha de Tomalá "Carmita" (young) Absent Stellar
Gina Tomalá Concha "Gina G" Absent Recurrent
Ariel Zöller Juan del Zaguan Absent Invited
Jaime Andrés Plaza (young) Absent Invited Absent
Tábata Galvez Mariana chiriguayo Absent Guest Absent
Maria Fernanda Perez Selena Absent Guest Absent
Mariana Chiriguayo (young) Absent Antagonist
Julio Larrea Augusto Absent Invited Absent
Kimberly Jaramillo Candida Absent Antagonist Absent
Renata Salem Camila Absent Antagonist Absent
Alejandra Paredes Lourdes "Lili" Smith (joven) Absent Guest Stellar
Diego Castillo Carlos Vaca Galindo "Carlitos Jr." Absent Recurrent Stellar Invited Stellar
Mayra jaime Brave pigeon Absent Stellar
Sergio Podeley Guillermo Poncella Absent Stellar
Bianca Fariña Maria Jose Canchita Absent Stellar
Maximiliano Metz Porfirio Maridueña Serradilla Absent Antagonist
Andres Guerrero Multipurpose Absent Stellar
Elena Gui Susana Porcel Casán de Poncella "Tana" Absent Antagonist
Diana Saporiti Lourdes "Lili" Smith Absent Guest Absent Guest Stellar
Hugo Aviles Lucas Lagos Yellowstone Absent Stellar
Angelica Arriciaga Lupe Absent Recurrent
Jomahira Hook Rita Absent Recurrent
Pamela Moran The neighbor Aparecida Absent Recurrent
Paola Vera Twilight Absent Antagonist
Henry Layana Clodomiro Quimí Absent Antagonist Absent
Don Gregorio Gumercindo Tomalá "Don Goyo" Absent Stellar
Marcelo Galvez Justino Barrotes Absent Invited Absent
Castulo Becerra Absent Stellar
Alfredo Espinoza Second Galindo Absent Stellar
Monserrate Benalcázar Maria de Galindo Absent Stellar
Fabián Fariña Music producer Absent Invited
Noralma Reeves Eulalia Prieto de Concha Absent Stellar
Raul Pinto Severino Concha Absent Antagonist
Melida Villavicencio Petronila Absent Recurrent Absent Guest Absent Guest
Michy Zelaya Tagua Absent Stellar Absent
Samara Montero Maria Jose "Majito" Absent Guest Antagonist Absent
Vanessa Ortiz Marina Absent Antagonist Absent
Barbara Martin Genesis Tomalá Cabezas "Genesita" Absent Recurrent
Luis Miguel Coka Baby Junior Plaza Lagos Absent Recurrent
Leonardo Bravo Genaro Antonio Tomalá Concha (child) Absent Recurrent Absent
Carlos Piechestein Jaime Andrés Plaza Father Absent Invited Absent
Martín Karpan Achilles Pinto Absent Invited Absent
Adriana Manzo Sabrina Absent Guest Absent
Jonathan Estrada Sunday Davalos Absent Stellar Absent Invited Absent
Darío Leon
Carlos Mena Father Angel Galindo Absent Invited Absent Invited Absent
Miguel Angel Tovar
Lorraine Gaibor Yamilet Pincay Dávalos Absent Antagonist Stellar Absent
Vicente Romero Silvino Zacarias Invited Antagonist Absent
Devil's Envoy Absent Invited
Jose Enrique Pacheco Patricio "Pato" González Absent Antagonist Absent
Andrea Ordonez Carolina Suárez de González "Carito" Absent Antagonist Absent
Michela Pincay She herself Absent Guest Absent
Yaritza Davalos Absent Antagonist Absent
Jonathan Gonzalez Sebastian Vega de la Torre Absent Antagonist Absent
Shany Nadan Deborah Absent Antagonist Absent
Danny Ubeda Professor Fernando Absent Invited Absent
Veronica Ycaza Fiorella "Fio" Absent Stellar Absent
Claudia Camposano Zoila Guerra Absent Stellar Absent
Yulexi Betsabé Moreira Zambrano Guest Absent
Lorna Cepeda Lorraine Lakes de Plaza Absent Guest Absent
Felipe Crespo [ 19 ] Felipe Crespo "Youtuber" Absent Invited Absent Invited Absent
Moses Pico Flores Logan Y Logan "Youtuber" Absent Invited Absent Invited Absent
Azucena Mora Petite Pacheco Absent Guest Absent
Dulce Absent Guest Absent
Efraín Ruales Kilovatio Hora "Kiki" Invited Absent
Mariano Bochelli Absent Antagonist Absent
Thomas Delgado Lorenzo / "The Neighbor" Invited Invited Absent
Henry Bustamante The same Invited Absent
Eduardo Hurtado The same Invited Absent
Tolín clown The same Invited Absent Invited
José Andrés Caballero Land seller Invited Absent
Alberto Pablo Rivera placeholder image Dante Montes Absent Invited Absent
Paola Farias She herself Absent Guest Absent
Wendy Vera She herself Absent Guest Absent
Douglas Bastidas The same Absent Invited Absent
Diego Alvarez The same Absent Invited Absent
Veronica Camacho She herself Absent Guest Absent
Marián Sabaté She herself Absent Guest Absent
Veronica Suarez She herself Absent Guest Absent
Armando Paredes The same Absent Invited Absent
Byron Moreno The same Absent Invited Absent
Mariela Viteri She herself Absent Guest Absent
Samantha Grey She herself Absent Guest Absent
Evelyn Vanessa Calderon She herself Absent Guest Absent
Angello Barahona The same Absent Invited Absent
AU-D The same Absent Invited Absent
Gianpiero The same Absent Invited
Charlie Aponte The same Absent Invited
Jose Gavica The same Absent Invited
Silvio Plaza Hernán Darío "El Bolillo" Gómez ( cameo ) Absent Invited
James Long Sukitruki Absent Invited Absent
The devil Absent Invited

Awards and nominations

ITV Awards

Year Category Nominated Outcome
2014 Best Comedic Actor Martin Street Nominated
2016 Best comedy program 3 Families Winner
Best Comedic Actor Martin Street Winner
Efraín Ruales Nominated
Best Comic Actress Erika Vélez Nominated
2017 Best Dramatic Program 3 Families Nominated
Best Dramatic Actor Martin Street Winner
Best Dramatic Actress Katty Garcia Nominated
Cecilia Cascante Nominated
Erika Vélez Nominated
2018 Best Dramatic Program 3 Families Winner
Best Script for a Television Series 3 Families Winner
Best Dramatic Actor Martin Street Winner
Best Dramatic Actress Flor Maria Palomeque Winner
Erika Vélez Nominated
2019 Best Dramatic Program 3 Families Winner
Best Script for a Television Series 3 Families Winner
Best Dramatic Actor Martin Street Winner
Alex Vizuete Nominated
Vicente Romero Nominated
Best Dramatic Actress Cecilia Cascante Winner
Erika Vélez Nominated

Ecuavisa Awards

Year Category Nominated Outcome
2020 Gold Flip Flop Martin Street Winner
Gold Flip Flop Cecilia Cascante Winner
Gold Flip Flop Marcela Ruete Winner
Gold Flip Flop Erika Vélez Winner
Gold Flip Flop Isidro Murillo Winner


For the production, the teams of El Combo Amarillo and ¡Así Pasa! . The general director is Marcos Espín, seconded by Luis Aguirre and two directors: Diana Jaramillo and Darío Fernández. The scripts and the story are creations by Cristian Cortez who leads a team of six librettists (Eddie González, Cecil Stacio, Alfredo Piguave, Ernesto Landin, Daniel Jiménez, Tito Zavala). The original idea for the series was created by Marcos Espín and Eddie González. [ 20 ]

International issue

country Television Issue Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6
Peru flag



Panamericana Television

2015 Serie
Bolivian flag


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Network UNO

2016 - 2017 Serie Soap opera
United States flag

United States

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Ecuavisa International

2014 - 2020 Serie Soap opera Soap opera Soap opera Soap opera Soap opera
Issuance in serial format.
Broadcast in telenovela format.
This season has not aired.




  • The Peruvian network América Televisión in 2018, acquired the telenovela version format; the start date of the pre-production stage is unknown.


  • Currently in talks.


  • Presented.


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