3rd Football League (Russia) - 3. Fußball-Liga (Russland)

The 3rd league ( Russian Третья лига / Tretja liga , long form Russian Третья лига ПФЛ or Профессиональной футбольной лигой / Tretja liga, the existing league from third to 1994 was the professional football league up to - 1994 PFL or Professionalnoi futiellen league = third league = third league = 1994) under the supreme, 1st and 2nd league - Russian ( semi- ) professional football. It consisted of six (1997 five) parallel seasons below the three (1994 four) seasons of the 2nd division, today's 2nd division, until 1993 and since 1998, the Russian amateur league begins directly below the 3rd level.

When the 3rd league was introduced, the number of seasons was reduced from seven to four, and in 1995 to three, and the surplus clubs with new professional clubs and promoters from the amateur sector were grouped into six seasons. When the end of the third division was decided in 1997, most of the teams were upgraded to the second division, which was again expanded to six seasons. The remaining teams either broke up, waived a 2nd division license or this was denied them; in some seasons virtually no team went down to the amateur level, in the others almost no team.

The number of participating teams also fluctuated greatly during the seasons. During the phase with five seasons, 98 to 105 teams started depending on the season, and in 1997 with five seasons 88 clubs started playing, but at least six teams were excluded or disbanded during the current season. Sporting relegations were rare, as more teams gave up the license than there were relegation places per relay. There were regularly two promoters to the second division per season, but due to licensing problems, champions and runners-up were often not promoted, but instead third or fourth placed.


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