3. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment - 3. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment

The regiment's barracks in Potsdam

The 3rd Guard Uhlan Regiment was a cavalry regiment of the Prussian Army .


The regiment was formed on May 7, 1860 from contributions from the units of the Gardes du Corps , the Guard Cuirassiers and the 1st Guard Uhlan Regiment (four squadrons ) and stationed in Potsdam . [1] Until July 4, 1860, it was called the Combined Guard-Uhlan Regiment and then received its final name as the 3rd Guard-Uhlan Regiment .

In September 1866, due to tensions with Austria-Hungary , the regiment was increased by another squadron. The regiment was last reinforced with another squadron in April 1867. [2]

Together with the 1st Guard Uhlan Regiment , it formed the 2nd Guard Cavalry Brigade until the outbreak of the First World War.

German war

In the war against Austria , the Uhlans fought with parts of the 3rd and 4th squadrons on June 26, 1866 near Braunau . It was used in the reconnaissance battle near Czerwena-Hora , the battle near Soor and the battle near Königgrätz .

Franco-German War

During the Franco-Prussian War , the cavalry played a more important role. Therefore, the regiment was involved in several skirmishes and battles. It was used at Buzancy , Bar and Carignan in 1870/71 , fought in the Battle of Sedan and took part in the bombardment of Montmédy . The Uhlans were also with Pierrefitte , Stains , L'Isle-Adam, as well as with the enclosure and siege of Paris . They then had quarters in Gisors and from there they carried out the operationsForet-la-Folie and Vernon out.

First World War

In the First World War 1914/18 the regiment was subordinate to the Guard Cavalry Division and the Baltic Division .


After the end of the war, the regiment was demobilized in 1919 and then dissolved. The tradition took over in the Reichswehr by decree of the Chief of the Army Command General of the Infantry Hans von Seeckt of August 24, 1921 the training squadron of the 4th (Prussian) Cavalry Regiment in Potsdam.


Lieutenant of the regiment in field gray Ulanka (1915)

Around 1900 the regiment's uniform consisted of a lemon yellow collar, parade discounts , lapels, advances, white braids and buttons. The epaulettes were lemon yellow on the holder and on the field. The Tschapka - emblem was a silver Guard eagle with star.


Rank Name date
Major/Oberstleutnant/Oberst Richard of Mirus May 12, 1860 to October 29, 1866
Lieutenant Colonel / Colonel Friedrich Wilhelm zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen October 30, 1866 to May 22, 1871
Lieutenant Colonel / Colonel Hermann von Schenck June 24, 1871 to June 15, 1875
Theodor von Schlieffen June 15, 1875 to March 21, 1882
Adolf von Bülow March 22, 1882 to February 13, 1885
Viktor von Kleist February 14, 1885 to December 22, 1889
Kurt Nikisch von Rosenegk December 23, 1889 to February 15, 1892
Viktor von Hennings February 16, 1892 to May 13, 1894
Ernst von Natzmer May 14, 1894 to June 14, 1898
Hans von Dittmar June 15, 1898 to September 13, 1900
Georg von der Marwitz September 14, 1900 to October 18, 1905
Lieutenant Colonel / Colonel Friedrich von Mennenthin October 19, 1905 to March 21, 1910
Carl von der Goltz March 22, 1910 to September 30, 1913
Major/Oberstleutnant Hans von Tschirschky and Bögendorff 0 October 1, 1913 to March 1918


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