3rd Lorraine Field Artillery Regiment No. 69 - 3. Lothringisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 69

The third Lorraine Field Artillery Regiment. 69 was an artillery joined the Prussian army .


The regiment was set up as field artillery regiment No. 69 in the course of the army increase with AKO on March 25, 1899. It was formed from the II. And III. Division of the Field Artillery Regiment No. 33 and was stationed in Sankt Avold . Together with Field Artillery Regiment No. 34 , it was subordinate to the 34th Field Artillery Brigade of the 34th Division .

On January 27, 1902, Kaiser Wilhelm II issued the army order that the associations, which had previously been run without a rural designation, were given an extension of their name in order to better differentiate them and to develop tradition. From this point onwards, the association was called the 3rd Lorraine Field Artillery Regiment No. 69. [1]

First World War

With the outbreak of World War I , the regiment mobilized on August 2, 1914 and was deployed in association with the 34th Division on the Western Front . There it took part in the following battles:

During the war, the subordination changed on October 13, 1916 and the regiment was subordinate to the army field artillery from this point until after the end of the war on December 10, 1918. According to an ordinance of the War Ministry of January 26, 1917, the regiment was expanded and received a III. Department.

In the First World War 23 officers , 45 NCOs and 172 men died .


After the armistice of Compiègne , the remnants of the regiment could no longer reach the former garrison in St. Avold. Therefore, the association was demobilized in Roda on December 23, 1918 . The volunteer battery "Wuppermann" was formed from parts, which was merged into the 49th Infantry Gun Battery when the Provisional Reichswehr was formed.

The tradition took over in the Reichswehr by decree of the Chief of the Army Command General of the Infantry Hans von Seeckt from August 24th 1921 the 2nd battery of the 6th (Prussian) Artillery Regiment in Münster . In the Wehrmacht , the regimental staff and the 2nd division of Artillery Regiment 16 in Hamm continued the tradition.


Rank Name Date [2]
Lieutenant Colonel / Colonel Wilhelm Scheller 0 October 1, 1899 to January 26, 1903
Lieutenant colonel Paul Jitschin January 27 to October 17, 1903
Major Emil Waldorf October 18, 1903 to March 9, 1904 (in charge of the tour)
Major/Oberstleutnant/Oberst Emil Waldorf March 10, 1904 to March 21, 1910
Oberst Albert Credé March 22, 1910 to April 21, 1912
Oberst Edwin Martini April 22, 1912 to February 17, 1913
Lieutenant colonel Wuthmann February 18 to November 24, 1913
Oberst Paul von Krenski November 25, 1913 to August 2, 1914
Oberst Karl Isbert 0 August 3, 1914 to July 11, 1916
Lieutenant colonel Riedel July 12 to August 31, 1916
Major/Oberstleutnant Siegfried von Auwers 0 September 1, 1916 to February 1919


After the end of the First World War, a war memorial in memory of the field artillery regiment No. 69 was erected in the palace gardens of the Prince-Bishop's Palace in Münster . The " Lorraine Cross " made of stone was created by Albert Mazzotti and Wilhelm Wucherpfennig , [3] and is now a listed building . [4]


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