3rd Württemberg Field Artillery Regiment No. 49 - 3. Württembergisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 49

3rd Württemberg Field Artillery Regiment No. 49

active 1899 to 1919
State Kingdom of Württemberg Kingdom of Württemberg
Armed forces Württemberg Army
Branch of service Artillery
Type Artillery Regiment
structure See outline
Location See story
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The 3rd Württemberg Field Artillery Regiment No. 49 was an artillery association of the Württemberg Army .


The regiment was established on April 1, 1899 (foundation day) and on October 1, 1899 from the II. And III. Division of the field artillery regiment "King Karl" (1st Württembergisches) No. 13 set up. It was stationed in the newly built Schillerkaserne in Ulm .

First World War

At the beginning of the First World War , the association mobilized on August 2, 1914 and was deployed on the Western Front in France and Belgium during the course of the war. There were 313 fallen and 1,331 wounded soldiers to record casualties.


After the end of the war , the remnants of the regiment marched back home, where the association was demobilized in Ulm on December 22, 1918 and then dissolved.

The tradition in the Reichswehr was taken over by the 9th battery of the 5th Artillery Regiment in Ludwigsburg by decree of the Chief of Army Command, General of the Infantry Hans von Seeckt , on August 24, 1921 .


Association membership

From 1899 to November 27, 1914 the regiment was subordinated to the 27th Field Artillery Brigade (2nd Kgl. Württ.) And thus part of the 27th Division (2nd Kgl. Württ.) . Subsequently, it was directly subordinate to the division until February 23, 1918, then it was with the army artillery until the end of the war.


From 1899 two departments with six batteries . On January 11, 1917, according to the instructions of the Württemberg War Ministry of January 6, 1917, a III. Department established, which joined the regiment on March 26, 1917 after training.

Structure 1917:

  • Staff 1st division with 1st, 2nd and 3rd batteries
  • Staff II. Division with 4th, 5th and 6th batteries
  • Staff III. Department with 7th, 8th and 9th batteries
  • Light ammunition columns I / 49, II / 49 and III / 49


Rank Name Date [1]
Prussia. Lieutenant colonel Johann Waldhausen 0 October 1, 1899 to April 23, 1904
Lieutenant colonel Theodor von Stroebel April 24, 1904 to April 19, 1909
Lieutenant colonel Richard Freise April 20, 1909 to September 30, 1913
Lieutenant colonel Burchardt 0 October 1, 1913 to 1914
Lieutenant colonel Kurt von Watter September 12, 1914 to February 22, 1917
Major Oskar Bornemann February 23, 1917 to November 9, 1918
Oberst Richard Erlenbusch November 10, 1918 to April 20, 1919



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