3rd Armored Brigade - 3.ª Brigada Acorazada

Coordinates : 23 ° 29'16 "S 70 ° 24'41" O  /  -23.4877, -70.4114

3rd Armored Brigade
Active 2007
country Chile
Rama/s Chilean's Army
Type Brigade
Part of I Army Division
Quartering Antofagasta

The 3rd Armored Brigade "La Concepción" owes its name to a combat produced in the War of the Pacific in which 77 Chilean soldiers faced more than 2000 soldiers and guerrillas from the Peruvian Army . It was inaugurated on December 23, 2009 [ 1 ] with the restructuring plan of the Chilean Army that would create 5 armored brigades only composed of professional personnel, these units would be modern and capable of being mobile, flexible and fast.

This tactical unit is garrisoned in the city of Antofagasta , is part of the 1st Army Division and is made up of:

  • Armored Infantry Battalion No. 7 «Esmeralda»
  • Armored Cavalry Group No. 8 "Explorers"
  • Artillery Group No. 5 "Antofagasta"
  • Mechanized Engineering Company No. 10 «Pontoneros»
  • Telecommunications Company No. 7 "San Pedro de Atacama"
  • Armored Scout Platoon
  • Barracks unit
  • Headquarters


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