3D visualization - 3D-Visualisierung

Architectural visualization

3D visualization refers to the conversion of technical drawings and two-dimensional data to three-dimensional virtual models or rooms. The 3D data is either freely modeled in a 3D program or existing CAD is used-Data imported. All modeling steps (elements) and all associated dimensions (parameters) are saved individually and assigned, ie models can also be influenced subsequently by changing the input values ​​in a targeted and controlled manner. During modeling, materials that are as realistic as possible are assigned to the individual elements. After setting up the light and the camera, the scene is either rendered into an image or exported as a 3D real-time application. 3D visualization is often used in a product configurator to represent the product in 3D. [1] Furthermore, 3D visualization is often used in architecture.

3D visualization is also suitable for product development , e.g. to find out in advance whether a correspondingly designed product would meet with interest on the market. This keeps costs low and development iterations can be run through more quickly.


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Individual evidence

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