3D (TV show) - 3D (programa de televisión)

3D was a magazine of varieties , gatherings and debates on the most current topics. The three Ds of its name comes from " D iferentes to D iario and D irect". Its presenter was Gloria Serra and it aired on Antena 3 from May 17 , 2010 to March 4 , 2011 . Ricardo Medina , creator and executive producer, and the Medina Media team directed Antena 3's afternoon program, although on October 11In 2010 , Antena 3 fully assumed production of the program.


3D , like any other space today , has connections direct and keeps viewers informed at all times, however, the magazine is divided into different sections present , heart and information in live from anywhere in Spain . [ 1 ]

The program also includes debates , gatherings with different experts depending on the subject to be discussed and also has the participation and proposals of viewers and Internet users .

Collaborators and sections

Most outstanding collaborators

  • Roberto Leal . He is the co-host of the program and is in charge of guiding us through Spain telling everything that happens.
  • Pepa Gea . Journalist.
  • Ivan Mañero . Doctor of the program that collaborates in the 3DOC section .
  • Jordi Schlaghecke . Doctor of the program that collaborates in the 3DOC section .
  • Luis José González . Doctor of the program that collaborates in the 3DOC section .
  • Roberto Brasero . Meteorologist . Every afternoon the weather forecast advances.
  • Mar Barrera . She is in charge of bringing people's comments on the web, social networks and live to the program's collaborators.


  • First hand . Roberto Leal heads this section, a window open to the news that counts on the work of the reporters Rocío Lama, Soraya Vegas, Patricia Cuesta, Guadalupe Domínguez, María López Sastrón and María José Rodríguez to tell the main news of the day from anywhere in Spain and at any time with reports and live connections.
  • Today it is discussed . Pepa Gea leads this debate on the issues that mark the social and daily news, in which it is discussed in pairs. Javier Ruiz Taboada, Adela Utrera, Matías Antolín and Bárbara Tovar stand in the center of the set to face each other in this one-on-one, with absolute freedom of movement and thought. The public has a very active participation in the section, both on the set itself and on the chain's website [1] , where every day, at 12:00 hours, the topic that will be debated in the space is advanced so that viewers and Internet users can participate, vote and contribute suggestions and arguments to the polemicists.
  • We review . This section deals with the pink chronicle in the greatest style. The reporters and collaborators offer the information in a more complete, disruptive, elegant and respectful way with their protagonists. This section offers the agenda May you meet many more , with which the viewer can keep up to date with the birthdays of famous people, know their age and can witness their congratulations live. Paloma Gómez Borrero , Juan Luis Galiacho, José Luis Salas, Arantza Furundarena and Andrés Merino Thomas will collaborate in this section, which will feature César Heinrich and Vanessa García Marx as reporters.
  • Luxury . This section deals with fashions and trends, luxury and super-luxury, the most exclusive houses and mansions, without forgetting the glamor of the great stars of the national and international scene. It also includes a section that offers essential items for well-being; Tricks to be luxurious , with tips to feel better every day, both inside and out; and Can you? , which tours those houses in Spain that the viewer has always wanted to know and also introduces their owners.
  • How would I tell them? . Arantxa Coca, graduated in Psychopedagogy , teaches us to pose effectively and positively the situations that disturb those around us. In Time for the test, he helps us discover, through a questionnaire, many of the characteristics that make up our personality. Both the public on the set and the viewers on the web can take this test and follow the evaluation of the results in the program.
  • 3DOC . It is a space for health outreach that deals with prevention and advice on health matters but also with curing. Thus, Iván Mañero, Jordi Schlaghecke and Luis José González, the specialist doctors, travel throughout Spain checking, diagnosing and solving the closest and most everyday health problems, those that, without being serious, affect the day-to-day life of the elderly part of the citizens.

Roberto Brasero, the popular presenter of the Antena 3 Noticias weather forecast, is in charge of advancing the forecast for the weekend. It also intervenes on the day that the news demands it to offer its didactic explanations. [ 2 ]


  • 3D has a state-of-the-art technology: the LiveU transmission backpack , which allows you to send video and audio Live from anywhere with mobile phone coverage. The backpack, connected to the camera, does not require satellites or mobile units. This cutting-edge technology in the television field allows live broadcasts, instantaneously.


Date Time Viewers Share
May 17, 2010 17:23 854.000 9,8%
June 11, 2010 17:31 935.000 9,4%
23 Aug 2010 17:51 595.000 6,7%
September 30, 2010 17:54 470.000 5,3%
October 11, 2010 17:45 711.000 7,4%
October 13, 2010 00:20 753.000 12,8%
November 16, 2010 17:45 519.000 5,5%
December 8, 2010 00.15 1.424.000 15,4%
December 9, 2010 17.45 578.000 5,8%


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