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3D Games
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Type Website
Available languages Español
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Launching June of 2005
Ranking Alexa Decrease 3,636 (December 2018 )

3DJuegos is a Spanish website specialized in video games . Its contents are structured according to the different existing platforms and among them you can find game ratings, news related to the sector, tips and tricks, games videos, interviews. They have their own channels on different streaming platforms , such as YouTube .


3DJuegos was founded in Zaragoza (Spain), in June 2005, by Enrique Morera, Daniel Mauro and Enrique García, former video game developers under the Efecto Caos, [ 1 ] Chaos Effect and Xpiral brands . [ 2 ] Initially created as a magazine specialized in personal computers, since April 2006 it began to focus also on games for video consoles such as PlayStation , Xbox and Nintendo . Currently it covers all kinds of content related to video games and includes live coverage from international fairs such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) orGamescom.

In 2009 the user community began through forums created by the users themselves and that allow commenting on current affairs, technology, competitions or humor. This openness to the community was one of the great novelties of 3DJuegos and included features that were rare at the time, such as game tracking in a user's personal area, quick replies, quotes or mentions, and messaging. [ 3 ]

It is one of the most consulted magazines in the sector along with Vandal , Hobbyconsolas , Eurogamer , and Meristation . [ 4 ] Since 2010 it has remained one of the most visited video game websites in Spain, according to data controlled by OJD , with 3.8 million unique users. [ 5 ]


Since 2017, 3DJuegos has been part of the international group Webedia , which groups together media related to leisure and entertainment in different areas of the world such as Sensacine , Jeuxvideo or Allociné . [ 6 ] At the end of that year, 3DJuegos opened offices in Mexico City with an editorial team dedicated to creating specific content for Mexico, thus complementing its offer in Latin America. That same year Webedia and 3DJuegos launched their video game website dedicated to eSports . [ 7 ]


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