3rd Luftwaffe Training Battalion (OB) - 3.er Batallón de Instrucción (OB) de la Luftwaffe

3. er battalion instruction (OB) Luftwaffe
Active January of 1945 - 1 of April of 1945
country Nazi Germany flag Nazi Germany
Fidelity Nazi Germany flag Third Reich
Rama/s Luftwaffe (Wehrmacht)
Type Battalion
Specialization Instrucción "OB"
Size Battalion
Wars and battles

The 3 rd Battalion of Instruction (OB) of the Luftwaffe ( 3 Ausbildungs-Bataillon (OB) der Luftwaffe ) was a military unit of the Luftwaffe during World War II .


It was formed in January 1945 in Friedrichshafen , from the 1st Battalion / 94th Air Regiment . In February of 1945 he is transferred to Stolpmünde . Its dissolution is ordered the 5 of March of 1945 , but instead moved to Ludwigsburg . The 1 of April of 1945 was absorbed by the 17th Panzer Division in the area of Heilbronn .