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3Plusss (2014)
3Plusss (2014)
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God complex
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3Plusss (born April 9, 1991 ; real name Denis Berndt ) [2] [3] is a German rapper from Essen , who gained notoriety in particular through his participation in the video battle tournament (VBT). He is part of the rap duo Meskalin Masculin .

Name meaning

3Plusss named itself in 2008 after care level 3 Plus , the highest care level. According to his own statements, he can “somehow identify with when nothing works anymore”. [4]


3Plusss comes from Essen . Influenced mainly by Eminem's album The Marshall Mathers LP , he wanted to become a rapper himself early on. Around 2008 he began to publish his own song texts on the Internet, including in text battles. In 2010 he co-founded the rap crew Meskalin Masculin , which consists of himself and his close friend and rapper donetasy . In the same year, the duo released their debut tape Ein Eimer voll Hass , which was released under the name "3Plusss & donetasy". In the same year her second tape Big Eggs was released . [5]At the end of 2011 3Plusss also became a member of the rap crew Eypro . According to internal statements, this group is "not really a crew, but rather an association of people who know each other, party together and also make music." [6]


3Plusss first appeared at the video battle tournament 2011 [7] , which was launched in 2007 by the internet platform rappers.in and has taken place annually since then. Here he got to the semifinals, in which he was defeated by the rapper Weekend . [8] In 2012, 3Plusss took part in the first VBT Splash! Edition , [9] in which the winner makes an appearance at Splash! Festival could win. He was eliminated in the round of 16 against Battleboi Basti . [10] He was the audience positively and was able to win by participating new followers.


On March 12, 2012 3Plusss published the EP Kindskopf EP , [11] which he made available for free download. His debut album Kindskopf LP followed on November 23 of the same year and was distributed via the online platform MZEE.com. [12] [13] In 2013, 3Plusss was signed by the booking agency Four Artists . His album Mehr was released on March 21, 2014 on the label Selbstgebrannt [14] he founded and reached number 24 in the German album charts. [15] At the end of November 2015, 3Plusss announced the EP Auf der Stelle , which appeared on January 8, 2016.[16] The EP was thematically much more thoughtful than the previous releases by 3Plusss, which was also reflected in the following album Gottkomplex .



  • 2012: Kindskopf LP
  • 2014: More
  • 2016: God complex


  • 2009: Apple EP (with donetasy)
  • 2009: Die Klapse has hiking day (with donetasy)
  • 2010: A bucket full of hate (with donetasy)
  • 2010: Big eggs (with donetasy as mescaline masculine)
  • 2011: Hehe EP (with donetasy as Meskalin Maskulin)
  • 2011: Knowledge EP (with Splifftastic and donetasy)
  • 2012: Kindskopf EP
  • 2014: Less EP (free download)
  • 2016: On the spot EP


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