3S Industries - 3S Industries

3S Industries AG

legal form Aktiengesellschaft
RAY CH0042821089
founding 2001
resolution 2010
Seat Lyss , Switzerland
management Patrick Hofer
( CEO )
Rolf Wägli
( Chairman of the Board of Directors )
Number of employees 151 (January 1, 2011)
sales 26.2 Mio. CHF (2007)
Branch Solar technology
Website www.meyerburger.ch; pvsystems.meyerburger.com

The 3S Industries AG , based in Lyss was an international Swiss photovoltaic manufacturers . Founded in 2001, employs 2,008 174 employees and generated sales 30.5 million Swiss francs, to 26.2 million in the full year 2007. Since September 2005, 3S Industries was on the Berne Stock Exchange in the first half of 2008 BX Berne eXchange listed . In 2010 the company became part of Meyer Burger AG . The 3S Modultec , 3S Photovoltaics and Somont divisionshave been Meyer Burger's divisions since then. The Lyss location was closed in November 2012 and all workplaces were relocated to the new solar technology headquarters of Meyer Burger AG in Thun.

Field of activity

The company comprised all three key technologies in the field of solar module production , soldering , lamination and testing . The three key technologies were divided between three companies that appeared on the market independently of one another and focused on their specialty. 3S Industries also manufactured solar modules and building-integrated solar systems.