3satbörse - 3satbörse

Television broadcast
German title 3satbörse
Country of production Germany
Year (s) 1989–2011
Long 30 minutes
First broadcast February 3, 1989 on 3sat

3satbörse was an information program broadcast on 3sat about the topics of the stock exchange and economy . On March 4, 2011, the program was replaced by the new business magazine Makro . [1]


The first broadcast was on February 3, 1989. [2] Initially, only stock market topics were dealt with, but later extensive information on the economy and investments were also offered. Business documentaries were also broadcast.

Structure of the program

The 3satbörse conveyed financial and investment information. Another aim was to impart knowledge about economic and financial topics. Economic developments in various countries and nations as well as industries were presented. The broadcast also included the stock market weather and a daily report from the Frankfurt or New York stock exchanges . At least one studio guest was present in the program and was asked about the main topic.

3satbörse special

At irregular intervals there were several programs each year devoted to a complex economic topic. These included (list is incomplete): [3]

  • January 21, 2005: Israel
  • February 11, 2005: China
  • September 2, 2005: Raw material water
  • 30. September 2005: Dubai
  • November 4, 2005: Russia

Moderation and editing

The show was moderated alternately by Peter Nemec , who also directed the show, as well as Dorette Segschneider and Eva Schmidt .

The editorial team included Doris Ammon, Ralf Bonsels, Antje Kasper, Marco Krause (since July 18, 2005) Carsten Meyer, Jürgen Natusch (stock exchange weather), Britta Nüsse (until June 30, 2005), Eva Schmidt, Dorette Segschneider and Michaela Sesterhenn.


The 3satbörse was awarded the German Investor Protection Prize. [2]


For years there was a “stock market game” section within the program, in which three investment bankers, financial advisors or similar professions with virtual capital of initially 100,000 DM (after the introduction of the euro 100,000 euros) were supposed to increase capital within six months. The stock market game came under fire around the turn of the millennium (1999 to 2001) because stocks had already risen considerably before the program was broadcast ( front running ). [4] [5]

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