Road I / 4 - SLM HG 4/4

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Silnice I / 4 in the Czech Republic
Road I / 4
Operator: Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic
Overall length: 113 km
of which in operation: 113 km

Country ( Region ):

The Capital City of Prague
Central Bohemian Region
(Mittelböhmische Region)
South Bohemian Region
(Südböhmische Region)

Milín, road No. 4 to Strakonice.JPG
The road near Milín (2007)

The Silnice I / 4 ( Czech for "1st class road") is a Czech state road (1st class road) that leads from Prague in a south-westerly direction to the German border. As far as Příbram it was developed as an expressway, which has been classified as the Dálnice 4 motorway since the beginning of 2016 .


The road begins with four lanes on the Prague city ring (Městský okruh). It leads out of the city of Prague in a south-westerly direction, crosses the Dálnice 0 motorway ring behind the Lahovice cadastral municipality , continues through Černošice to Jíloviště (Julowischt), where it leads to Dálnice 4 at junction 10 ( exit ) transforms. The motorway-like section ends at kilometer 45. The Silnice I / 4, which now continues again, becomes a motorway again at junction 49, takes up the Silnice I / 66 coming from Příbram at Milín , and becomes part of the at junction 63Crossed Silnice I / 19 and at the intersection with Silnice I / 20 again turns into Silnice I / 4. It crosses in Strakonice (Strakonitz) the Silnice I / 22 and continues over Volyně (Wolin) to Vimperk (winter mountain) and then traverses the Bohemia . The Silnice I / 39 branches off to the southeast, and the road reaches behind Strážný the Czech-German border, they at themselves as national highway 12 towards Passau continues.

The length of the road, including the motorway sections, is around 164 kilometers, without these 113 kilometers. [1]


From 1940 to 1945 the street formed part of Reichsstraße 12 .

Individual evidence

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