4-Heptanol - 4-Heptanol

IUPAC name
Heptan-4-ol, dipropilcarbinol, 4-hidroxiheptano
Semi-developed formula CH3-(CH2)6-OH
Structural formula View image
Molecular formula C 7 H 16 O
CAS number 589-55-9[1]
PubChem 11513
Physical properties
Appearance yellowish
Density 820 kg/; 82 g/cm³
Molar mass 116.20 g / mol
Viscosity n/d
Chemical properties
Acidity n/d pKa
Solubility in water n/d
ΔfH0gas n / dk J / mol
Δ f H 0 liquid n / dk J / mol
S0líquido, 1 bar n / d J · mol -1 · K -1
Flash point n/d
NFPA 704

NFPA 704.svg

Related compounds
Hydrocarbons Alcohols
Values ​​in the SI and under standard conditions
(25 and 1 atm ), unless otherwise indicated.

The 4-Heptanol or heptan-4-ol with the chemical formula C 7 H 16 O, [ 2 ] is a chemical compound of the group of organic alcohols , derived from the isomer heptanol . It is a quaternary alcohol with the hydroxyl on the fourth carbon of the seven linear carbon chains. 4-Heptanol is chiral , so in addition to 4-heptanol, there are other (R) - and (S) - isomers .


Heptan-4-ol is a yellowish flammable liquid that is practically insoluble in water , but is soluble in ethanol . Its melting point is -41.5 ° C and its boiling point is 156 ° C.

Security instructions

4-Heptanol vapors can form an explosive mixture with air ( flash point 54 ° C , flash point 295 ° C).


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