Love in 3/4 time - Liebe im 3/4-Takt

German title Love in 3/4 time
Original title The Waltz King
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1963
Long 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Steve Previn
script Maurice Trombagel
production Walt Disney
Peter V. Herald
music Johann Strauss (father)
Johann Strauss (son)
Josef Strauss
Jacques Offenbach

Love in 3/4 time (original title: The Waltz King , in German: Der Walzerkönig ) is an American feature film by director Steve Previn from 1963, produced by Walt Disney Productions . Maurice Tombragel wrote the screenplay based on a story by Fritz Eckhardt . The outdoor shots were made in Vienna , the main location of the film. In Germany, the film first hit cinemas on January 27, 1967. The original is a two-part film that was shot for American television. Love in 3/4 time is the first part.


Under no circumstances does Father Strauss want his two equally gifted sons to become musicians like him. But the resolution fails. First, Johann became the conductor of his own orchestra, to which the singer Jetty Treffz, later his wife, helped. When his father dies he is the “waltz king”, but also a great concert traveler and composer of the bat . Attempts to make "serious" music fail. Josef also pursues the same career. He succeeds his brother in the direction of the orchestra and writes the popular polkas.


“Walt Disney's colorful, sentimental Strauss canvas story with a more American than real Viennese atmosphere. Possible as harmless entertainment from the age of 12. "

"A Disney-produced musical film made with a lot of« Viennese soul », which gives fans of the genre their money's worth."

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