District class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1939/40 - Niederländisches Schlachtkreuzerprojekt (1939/40)

District class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1939/40
Meister FV Fortuna Magdeburg
Relegated SV Bernburg 07
FC Preußen Burg
Teams 7
Games 42 (of which 42 played)
Tore 224 (ø 5.33 per game)
District class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1938/39
Gauliga Not 1939/40
1. District classes ↓
FV Fortuna Magdeburg: 2nd district champion title, but no promotion in 1940
Venues of the district class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1939/40
(blue = champions / yellow = relegated)

The district class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1939/40 was the seventh season of the second-rate district class Magdeburg-Anhalt, which has been functioning as a substructure for the Gauliga Mitte since 1933 . The first year of the game under the conditions of World War IIwas to be completed. In addition to the cancellations of the two Harz clubs, there were also complaints about the two Altmark clubs from Stendal and Tangermünde. It was no longer possible for all of them to meet the demands of an orderly game operation. The class thus lost a total of five competitors without prior sporting disqualification due to unfortunate circumstances. Football was also a victim of the conditions. The first day of the match was scheduled for December 10, 1939. 14 game days with three games each had to be played (so that a club was always free of play). Due to the descent of the Magdeburg Fortunes, there were still seven clubs that were eligible and willing to play. Ultimately, the favorite inevitably prevailed with four minus points and aimed for an immediate return to the Gauliga, which, however, repeatedly failed. TheSpVgg Zeitz and SC Apolda proved to be superior in the promotion round. A notable third league place in the season went to promoted VfB Groß-Ottersleben. The MD-Randstädter even earned a positive point account, which really few expected. The way to the new 2nd class had to compete with promoted SV Bernburg 07 and, surprisingly, last year's district champion FC Preußen 02 Burg . On the other hand, VfL Viktoria-Neustadt managed to get back up quickly and immediately in 1860 . With the SC 1910 Oschersleben, an absolute newcomer to the class also achieved the much-acclaimed promotion to 1st class. Since the number of clubs was increased again to eight for the coming season, the third-placed winner of the round was also allowed to go high. The Dessauer SV 98 managed it even after seven long years again to return to the class in which he was to make as the next champion, sensational and startling sensation.

Closing table

Tables, figures & results - are taken from the newspapers listed under Sources .

Games played: 42 __ / __ Goals scored: 224
[7th season, ( 1st World War Championship ) - start of season: 10.12.1939]

Pl. society Sp. Tore Quote Points
1. FV Fortuna Magdeburg (A) 12 43:18 2,38 20: 4
2. SV 09 Staßfurt 12 50:32 1,56 14:10
3. VfB Groß-Ottersleben (N) 12 24:32 0,75 13:11
4. SV Wacker Bernburg 12 32:29 1,10 12:12
5. MSC Prussia 99 12 28:25 1,12 10:14
6. SV 07 Bernburg (N) 12 28:39 0,71 8:16
7. FC Prussia 02 Burg (M) 12 19:49 0,38 7:17
Qualification for round of promotion 39/40 to Gauliga Mitte
Relegated to the 1st district classes
(M) Defending champion of the previous year
(A) Relegated from the Gauliga middle
(N) Newcomers from the 1st district classes

(In the event of a tie, the goal quotient decided the table placement in all classes and rounds )

Promotion lap

In the promotion round, the four winners of the individual 1st district classes played for the two promotion places to the district class Magdeburg-Anhalt 1940/41 .
The Altmark district representative (previously unknown) waived the intended participation. Therefore, only three clubs took part in the relegation this season.

Games played: 6 __ / __ Goals scored: 24 ____ / ____ Play- out: [14.07. - 08/11/1940]

SC Oschersleben - second class for the first time
Pl. society Sp. Tore Quote Points
1. VfL Viktoria-Neustadt 1860
(Winner district class Magdeburg)
4 9: 7 1,28 5: 30
2. SC 1910 Oschersleben
(winner district class Harz)
4 9: 8 1,12 5: 30
3. Dessauer SV 98
(winner district class Anhalt)
4 6: 9 0,66 2: 60
Moved up to 1st class Magdeburg-Anhalt
  • [All 3 promotion round relegation participants were promoted to 1st class in 1940/41 because the relay was increased by one club.]


  • Sport-Telegram newspaper 1939 and 1940