OS / 400 - OS/400

OS / 400
General information
Program type operating system
Developer IBM
Development model Non-free software
Actual state Active. Under IBM support
Technical information
Supported platforms AS/400
Latest stable version V7R3
OS / 400

OS / 400 is an operating system used in the line of minicomputers AS / 400 (currently servers IBM eServer iSeries ) from IBM .


The OS / 400 operating system appeared on the market in 1988 at the same time as the AS / 400 line of mini-computers, called in IBM jargon, midrange servers . The joint development of hardware and operating system results in an intensive use of their resources.

Among its most outstanding initial characteristics we could point out the integration at the level of the DB2 / 400 database itself , which is not only offered as support for application and user data , but also as structured storage for all objects in the database. operating system, including a single-level library system. As is usual in medium systems, it has the possibility of generating "subsystems", that is, assigning resources (memory, processors, etc.) to specific functions or environments, allowing a deeper control of them than that existing in other architectures.

It has built-in subsystems that allow you to run IBM Systems / 3x applications on AS / 400 hardware either natively or modified. In the latest versions, AIX applications can also be run natively and GNU / Linux installed on logical partitions ( LPARs ).

Even though it is an operating system that does not have a native graphical interface, the iSeries Access licensed product includes iSeries Navigator with both Windows and web versions, which enables system and database administration through a graphical interface. It also includes web administration for the Apache web server and for the Websphere Application Server .

OS / 400 is currently known as i5 OS


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