400 kV north feed in Vienna - 400-kV-Nordeinspeisung Wien

Cable transfer station for the 400 kV north feed
Umspannwerk Nord in Floridsdorf

The 400 kV north feed in Vienna is a 14.3 km long high-voltage line between Vienna and Lower Austria , which, among other things , provides electrical energy to the northern Viennese districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt . It leads from the Lower Austrian substation Bisamberg , and the connection there to the Austrian 380 kV network of Austrian Power Grid (APG), to the substation Wien-Nord . It was put into operation on May 10, 2006 by Wiener Netze GmbH (formerly Wien Energie Stromnetz ) and, alongside theUmspannwerk Wien-Südost represents the second connection of the City of Vienna to the supra-regional 380 kV network . [1]

As a special feature, this line is designed as a combination of an overhead line and an underground cable . As an overhead line, it runs between the Bisamberg substation and the cable transfer station on Dr.-Nekowitschstraße in Vienna's urban area. Between the cable transfer station and the Vienna-Nord substation at 48 ° 15 '27.0 ″ N , 016 ° 23 ′ 24.0 ″ E , it is designed as a 5.5 km long underground cable, as this section leads through partially densely built-up urban areas. [2]!548.2575005516.3900005

The north feed-in is designed for the transmission of an output of 1,050 MW and consists of two 400 kV systems that can be switched off individually for maintenance purposes. The overhead line is designed in the form of bundled conductors to reduce corona discharges , the underground cables are equipped with water-filled cooling pipes that absorb the heat loss. The crossing under the Marchfeld Canal and the Northern Railway was carried out in the form of a 120 m long culvert .


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Coordinates: 48 ° 15 ′ 27 ″ N , 16 ° 23 ′ 24 ″ E