407 (song) - 407 (canción)

Song of Amaia Montero
Album Amaia montero
Recording 2008
Gender Pop
Duration 3:24
Record label Sony BMG
Writer (s) Amaia montero
Producer (s) Amaia Montero and Claudio Guidetti
Original language español
Country of origin Spain
" Tulips "

407 It is a song by Amaia Montero , fourth on her self- titled album .

About the song

This song is dedicated to his father and reflects the strong family feeling that permeates the entire album. "Strength, stability is given to me by my family. There I recover my essence, and it is a song with feelings on the surface" , Amaia says of a song in slow, solid time, marked by piano chords, emotional, intimate and fragile. It is titled "407" because that was the room number of the hospital where his father stayed for a long time with leukemia .


In Italy the song 407 has been recorded together with Tiziano Ferro .