40 drawings there on the floor - 40 dibujos ahí en el piso

40 drawings there on the floor
Studio album of Divided
Publication March 25, 1989
Recording Recorded at Panda Studios, November 1988 to January 1989
Genders) Rock, funk rock, rock alternativo, post-punk
Duration 43:52
Record label Columbia/Sony Music
Producer (s) Ricardo Mollo , Diego Arnedo
Divided Chronology
40 drawings there on the floor
Stroking the rough

40 Drawings There on the Floor is the debut album by the Argentine rock band Divididos , released in 1989 by the Columbia / Sony Music labels. [ 1 ] On the album the band still retained a style similar to Sumo but with a hint of funk and a more powerful sound, which would be a trademark in the future of the band, and settling under the shape of what is called a " power trio ". This is the only recording of the group made with Gustavo Collado on drums, since soon he would be replaced byFederico Gil Solá .


When Luca Prodan died , Sumo ceased to exist, and the remaining members moved in different directions, Ricardo Mollo , Diego Arnedo and Roberto Pettinato (the latter would leave shortly after the group) after months of inactivity, they would summon the drummer Gustavo Collado to a new project baptized in the first instance "The Division" and then rightly opt for Divided. His first show with very little impact took place in 1988 at the Pub El Rouge in the Flores neighborhood. With a year and a half of small presentations of this type Divided he would publish his first official work 40 drawings there on the floor.

With a similar approach to what had been the last years of Sumo, the brand new album had 12 own songs (actually there are ten, since "Camarón Bombay" is present in three different versions) and a cover of The Doors , “ Light My Fire ”; the presence of this theme and some other moments such as the one remembered "Hajando cosa raras" gave them a more rocky accent, with the "Hendrixian" influence that would characterize Mollo's playing from now on, although without leaving the feeling of “Rock steamroller”, as they were called especially after La era de la boludez ( 1993 ).

With a low level of sales, this album is in the history of national rock mainly because it is the first of one of its main actors today and for almost thirty years. In 1990 , before starting the recordings for their next album, the band made a change in drums (something that would be characteristic throughout the years) Federico Gil Solá would replace Collado. A positive change that would be reflected a short time later.


The presentation of 40 drawings there on the floor took place in Cemento , the Buenos Aires stronghold of businessman Omar Chabán , where they shared the stage with Germán Daffunchio and Alejandro Sokol ( Las Pelotas ), demonstrating that peace between the two brother groups was sealed.

Songs list

All songs composed by Ricardo Mollo and Diego Arnedo except those indicated.

N.º Title Duration
1. "Bombay Shrimp" 1:07
2. "Che, what are you waiting for?" 4:04
3. «The Porteña Fly» 4:31
4. "Doing Weird Things" 3:07
5. "The Dreams And The Wars" 4:00
6. "Long Gargle" 4:26
7. "Bombay Shrimp" 0:36
8. "A Pile Of Bones" 4:38
9. «Light My Fire» (Ray Manzarek - Robby Krieger - Jim Morrison - John Densmore (The Doors)) 3:48
10. "The Hollow Men" (Mollo, Arnedo, Gustavo Collado; on a poem by TS Eliot ) 5:21
11. "From What Diary Are You?" 4:11
12. "Seal" 2:50
13. "Bombay Shrimp" 1:03

Doing weird things

The 24 of August of 2018 the band released doing weird things , a rerecording of 40 drawings there on the floor with an updated sound almost thirty years later, and the addition of a letter for the song "La Foca" originally instrumental, and retitled "Horses of the Night". The album was recorded to commemorate the band's 30 years.


  • Ricardo Mollo - Voice, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar and TR 707 programming
  • Diego Arnedo - Bass, double bass, harmonica, guitar and backing vocals
  • Gustavo Collado - Drums and tambourine
Additional musicians


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