40. The Musical - 40. El Musical

40. El Musical is a musical theater show, inspired by Cadena 40 Principales, [ 1 ] with a libretto by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo . It premiered on 15 of October of 2009 at the Rialto Theater in Madrid .


The play is developed around the adventures of a group of young people, their fights with their parents, sex or music surround their lives: Chema and Laura want to keep their virginity until marriage; David and Álex have a difficult relationship with their father Arturo. Finally the love triangle between Mateo, Sara and Joaquín is shown.


The list of characters is as follows: [ 2 ]

  • Joaquin
  • Mateo
  • Sara
  • Call
  • Laura
  • David
  • Alex
  • Arturo

Original Cast Madrid

The initial cast was as follows: [ 3 ]

The direction was in charge of Miquel Fernández , scenography by Ana Garay and the choreography by Noemí Cabrera.

Original Cast Barcelona

In Barcelona it premiered at the Victoria Theater on September 9, 2010, [ 4 ] with the following cast: Naím Thomas (Joaquín); Gisela (Sara), Carlos J. Benito (Mateo), Toni Viñals (Chema), Josep Palau (David) and Gerardo González (Arturo).

Songs list

Original Assembly Mexico City

The Mexican version of the musical los 40 premiered on February 8, 2018 at the Chapultepec Cultural Forum in Mexico City , under the production of Faisy and the direction of Ricardo Díaz.

Original cast

  • Faisy as: Mateo
  • Roberto Romano as: Chema
  • Alex Garza as: Laura
  • Alejandro Nones as: Joaquín
  • Fran Meric como: Sara
  • Melissa Galindo as: Alex
  • Gerardo González as: Arturo
  • Ruben Branco: David


  • Alberto Collado as: Chema
  • Raul Sandoval as: Mateo
  • Kristel Fabre as: Laura
  • Luja Duhart as: Joaquín

Songs list

The song list varies from its original Spanish version, this because it is based on the songs that have been top 1 in the Los 40 list (Mexico) .