41st century BC Chr. - 41. Jahrhundert v. Chr.

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The 41st century BC Chr. Began on January 1 v 4100th And ended on December 31, 4001 BC. This corresponds to the period 6050 to 5951 BP or the interval 5269 to 5192 radiocarbon years .

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Archaeological cultures

Female statuette made of hippopotamus ivory, Badari culture , approx. 4000 BC Chr.
Gui der Dawenkou-Kultur

Cultures in North Africa

Cultures in Egypt

  • The Badari culture (4400-4000 BC) disappears at the end of the 41st century
  • The heyday of the Naqada culture in Upper Egypt (Naqada I - 4500 to 3500 BC)

Cultures in Mesopotamia and the Middle East

Cultures in East Asia

Cultures in Europe

Individual evidence

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