42nd Luftwaffe Infantry Battalion - 42.º Batallón de Infantería de la Luftwaffe

42nd Luftwaffe Infantry Battalion
Active As September 20 as 1944 - 1945
country Nazi Germany flag Nazi Germany
Fidelity Nazi Germany flag Third Reich
Rama/s Luftwaffe (Wehrmacht)
Type Battalion
Specialization Infantry
Size Battalion
Wars and battles

The 42nd Infantry Battalion of the Luftwaffe ( 42. Infanterie-Bataillon der Luftwaffe or Luftwaffen-Infanterie-Bataillon XLII ) was a unit of the Luftwaffe during World War II .


It was formed on 20 as September as 1944 in Münster , with 4 companies. The battalion had 20 officers and 1,553 NCOs and other ranks. The 23 of September of 1944 , the battalion, which was in the area of Durweiss , moved to Kirchweiler . On September 29 he occupied defensive positions in Lobberich . The 1 of October of 1944 , was built to the 9th Company Antiaircraft 20 mm caliber. On 15 October as as 1944the battalion was divided. The Antiaircraft Company was subordinate to the Rässler or Räßler Division . He was subordinate to the LXXXI Army Corps . Four companies were later moved as replacements to Venray . The remaining four companies formed the Sips Air Force Infantry Battalion . It went into action, together with the Erdmann Parachute Division , in Reine ( Linnich , Krefeld ). Dissolved in 1945 .




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