.45 Blaser - .45 Blaser

.45 Blaser
general information
caliber .45 Blaser
Sleeve shape Bottle neck
sleeve , rimless with pull-out groove
Floor ⌀ 0.45 inch / 11,4 mm
Bullet weight 22,7 g
(349 grain)
Technical specifications
Speed ​​v 0 620 m/s
Bullet energy E 0 2537 J
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The .45 Blaser is a rifle cartridge. Originally designed by Romey as a large-caliber subsonic cartridge for a silenced version of the Erma SR 100 , it found, after its original use was unsuccessful, a modest distribution as a hunting cartridge for hunting black deer and roe deer . The aim was to develop a cartridge for driven and driven hunts that is insensitive to obstacles in the flight path and that achieves a high stopping effect . It was created in cooperation with W. Romey.


Due to the rather high bullet weight of 22.7 grams (for a roe deer cartridge), the cartridge should be insensitive to obstacles in the flight path. The manufacturer also hopes that the cartridge will cause less venom damage. The relatively low muzzle velocity (620 m / s compared to 785 m / s for a .308 Winchester as an example) should be compensated for by the high weight of the projectile and give the projectile the necessary kinetic energy.


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