47th Division (People's Army of the Republic) - 47.ª División (Ejército Popular de la República)

47th Division
Active June 1937-March 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
High command

Notable commanders
Gustavo Duran
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 47th Division was one of the divisions of the People's Army of the Republic that were organized during the Spanish Civil War on the basis of the Mixed Brigades . He took part in the battles of Brunete , Teruel and Levante .


The division was created in June 1937 at the front of the Center. It was made up of the 69th , 99th and 151st mixed brigades ; [ 1 ] the command was conferred to the militia major Gustavo Durán , veteran command of the 69th Mixed Brigade .

A month later the division was placed as a reserve of the Republican Army in the face of the battle of Brunete . [ 2 ]

In December 1937 the unit was deployed in the Cuenca - Tarancón area , [ 3 ] as a reserve for the republican forces operating in Teruel . [ 4 ] At the end of December it was sent to the front to face the Francoist counteroffensive, being described to the V Army Corps . [ 5 ] The 47th Division launched furious counterattacks at La Muela between January 1 and 3, 1938, achieving on January 4 that the 1st Division of Navarra fled their positions. [ 6 ][ n. 1 ] In February, at the beginning of theBattle of Alfambra, it remained in the vicinity of Teruel; when the Republican Alfambra disaster was consummated, the unit relieved the67th Division. [ 5 ]

During the Aragon campaign the unit was very broken, being separated from the V Army Corps after the cut in two of the republican zone. The command of the division would be held by the militia major José Recalde Vela , [ 8 ] a veteran of the war in the North . In April the remains of the division were in the coastal sector north of Castellón. [ 9 ] The division would end up being dissolved, [ 10 ] although later it would be recreated again and assigned to the XXII Army Corps.. After being reorganized, during the spring and summer of 1938 the unit took part in the fighting of the Levant campaign , facing the Franco offensive.

In January 1939, integrated into the XXII Army Corps, she participated in the battle of Peñarroya . With the support of the 10th Division , the 47th broke the front defended by Franco's 22nd Division and advanced unopposed until they took La Granjuela , [ 11 ] well into enemy territory. During the following days he carried out new attacks, reaching the towns of Coronada and Fuenteovejuna , although the front would end up stabilizing. The 47th Division, which had an outstanding performance during the battle, was the last unit to withdraw the bag from Valsequillo. After the end of the fighting he returned to the Levante front. In March 1939, when the Casado coup took place , Major Recalde opposed the coup and — after dismissing Colonel Juan Ibarrola — came to assume command of the XXII Army Corps. [ 12 ] [ 13 ] The unit autodisolvió to the end of the contest.


Major State Boss
  • militia major Ernst Adam;

Order of battle

Attached Army Corps
Integrated Mixed Brigades
Battle front
June 1937 69.ª , 99.ª y 151.ª Center
August 10, 1937 XVIII Army Corps 49.ª , 69.ª y 99.ª Center
December 1937 V Army Corps 49.ª y 69.ª Teruel
February-March 1938 V Army Corps 49.ª , 69.ª y 6.ª Aragon
August 1938 XXII Army Corps 49.ª , 69.ª y 74.ª Levante

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  1. What was an unusual event in the history of this elite unit of the Francoist Army . [ 7 ]



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