48th Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 48.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

48th Mixed Brigade
Active March 1937-March 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Mixed brigade
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 48th Mixed Brigade was a unit of the Popular Army of the Republic created during the Spanish Civil War .


The unit was founded on March 28, 1937 on the Guadarrama front from the "Pasionaria", "Pi y Margall", "Dimitroff" and "Madrid" battalions. The militia major Manuel Castro Rodríguez, who until then had been head of the “Pasionaria” battalion, assumed command of the new 48th Mixed Brigade. [ 1 ] In April the "Madrid" Battalion left the 48th BM and was replaced by another battalion made up of Carabinieri . The Brigade was initially framed in the "C" Division, being later assigned to the 17th Division and, finally, integrated into the 5th Division of the VI Army Corps , already in April. [ 2][3]

The 48th BM was initially stationed at the La Alcarria front ; Later, it was assigned to a newly created unit - the 15th Division of the XXI Army Corps - and was sent to the Levant, to reinforce the republican defenses against the Franco offensive . However, the brigade came to the front when the fighting was over. He took part in a limited offensive on Nules and Castellón , between November 7 and 10, 1938. He would remain in the Levant Front until the end of the war. [ 1 ]



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