List of Hessian revolutionaries 1848/49 - Decreto 29.337/49

The list of Hessian revolutionaries 1848/49 contains a selection of activists from the time of Vormärz to the uprisings of 1849. In addition to Hesse from the Grand Duchy, it also includes Kurhessen and parliamentarians for Hesse-Homburg and Frankfurt. In the imperial constitution campaign in Rheinhessen and in the Palatinate and Baden uprisings , there were participants from Rheinhessen and the Duchy of Nassau who were revolutionary or politically active there.

The list is the subject of additions.

People in the pre-march

Heinrich von Gagern, 1848
August Hergenhahn, 1848

On October 10, 1847, the following took part in the Heppenheim conference :

On March 5, 1848 attended the Heidelberg meeting and were elected to the Committee of Seven :

As members of the Committee of Seventeen drew up a draft constitution:

Members of the pre-parliament (selection)

Fifties Committee

Members of the Frankfurt National Assembly

Carl Vogt
Philipp Wilhelm Wernher

Hessen-Darmstadt members of the Frankfurt National Assembly (MdFN) 1848/49 and the Stuttgart Rump Parliament were (MV = Central March Association ):

Rheinhessen constituencies
Other MPs
Electorate of Hesse in the Central March Association
Nassau member of the Central March Association

Member of the state parliament

Hecker uprising 1848

Storming of the barricade at the Konstablerwache in Frankfurt during the September unrest in 1848 by the Prussian military

The commissioner of the committee of fifties at the Hecker uprising was Jacob Venedey .

September riots in Frankfurt 1848

The following took part in the September riots in Frankfurt am Main:

Struve Putsch 1848

After the Struve putsch came into custody:

  • Franz Matthias Schneider, carpenter in Mainz.

Baden uprising in 1849

Participants in the Baden uprising in 1849 are:

Böhning was shot dead on August 17, 1849 in Rastatt . [1]

Participant in the Palatinate uprising in 1849

Liked by Kirchheimbolanden

In the battle at Kirchheimbolanden on June 14, 1849, 17 rioters from the Rhine-Hesse region were killed, on average between 23 and 24 years old!

  • Nicolaus Berger, 22 years old, Mainz
  • Georg Fr. A. Brozler, 23, Mainz
  • Johann Bapt. Burkheiser, 26, from Bingen am Rhein
  • Johann Degen, 23, Bretzenheim
  • Hieronymus Fatscher, 18, Bretzenheim
  • Adam Hohl, 32, Mainz
  • Heinrich Kirchner, 31, Bretzenheim
  • Ambrosius Klein, 20, Marienborn
  • Philipp Metzger, 21, Gau-Weinheim
  • Adam Nuss, 28, Mainz
  • Franz Scheidel, 22, Mainz
  • Leopold Schwab, 19, Mainz
  • Ferdinand Secker, 19, Marienborn
  • Peter Vogel, 25, Mainz
  • Jacob Wolf, 38, Oberingelheim
  • Jacob Wüst, 31, Bretzenheim
  • Sebastian Zimmermann, 26, Bretzenheim.


Hessian participants in the Palatinate uprising can be found among the 333 revolutionaries in the indictment file .

In the following, the leading number is the number in the royal indictment file. General State Procurator of the Palatinate. Stab and Wegling were in custody in the Zweibrücken prison .

  • 176 Ludwig Bamberger , court accessist in Mainz
  • 179 Ludwig Blenker, wine merchant in Worms
  • 150 Richard Lorentz, architect from Offenbach am Main
  • 167 Jacob Maßmann, cooper and brewer in Eltville / Nassau
  • - Germain Metternich
  • 202 Arnold Reinach, from Frankfurt am Main
  • 259 Wilhelm Schröder, from Diez / Nassau
  • - Conrad Stab, day laborer in Mainz (from Eichenberg), 48 years, free church, amnestied
  • - Paul Stumpf , mechanic in Mainz
  • - Johann Anton Wegling, carpenter from Merkelbach / Nassau, 22 years, Catholic.
  • Franz Zitz , lawyer in Mainz.

Released from custody

In the absence of evidence, the proceedings of the following members of the volunteer corps, riflemen and gymnasts - almost all of them come from Rheinhessen. When the proceedings are terminated, they are released from custody in Zweibrücken. The leading number is the number in the “Judgment of the Prosecution” of the indictment file.

Members of the Zitz Freikorps
  • 385 Bartolomäus Bauer, stone cutter from Hechtsheim , 22 years, Catholic.
  • 386 Peter Brack, cap maker in Mainz?, 24, cath.
  • 387 Carl Butz, winemaker in Ober-Ingelheim, 33, prot.
  • ? Ferdinand Eckel, bookbinder in Mainz
  • 393 Philipp Maurer, carpenter in Wöllstein , 20, prot.
  • 394 Peter Meis, skipper in Kastel , 24, cath.
  • 395 Georg Adam Müller, economist or farm worker in Bretzenheim, 24, cath.
  • 404 Carl Rettert, tailor from Adolfseck , 22, free church.
  • 403 Joseph Rupp, bricklayer in Zahlbach , 34, Catholic.
  • 398 Ernst Ruppert, stone carver in Mainz, 38, cath.
  • 401 Franz Weiss, Ackersmann in Wallertheim, 22, kath.
Members of the Grabsky Rifle Company
  • 397 Joseph Agnaud Regnier, student of philology from Mainz, 26, cath.
  • 399 Franz Matthias Schneider, carpenter Mainz, 26, Catholic, s. Struve coup
  • 400 Georg Staudter, economist from Mariabrunn, 19, cath.
Members of the Rheinhessen gymnast
  • 388 Anton Ditt, locksmith in Bretzenheim, 26, cath.
  • 389 Georg Gebhardt, Ackersmann in Partenheim , 22, prot.
Members of other volunteer corps
  • 384 Joseph Abel, cigar maker from Arzell , 21, cath., Freikorps Blenker
  • 390 Christian Kreuzberger, shoemaker from Mainz, 36, Catholic, Freikorps Weber.


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  • Indictment files, drawn up by the K. General State Procuratorate of the Palatinate, together with the verdict of the Prosecution Chamber of the K. Court of Appeal of the Palatinate in Zweibrücken on June 29, 1850, in the investigation against Martin Reichard, dismissed notary in Speyer, and 332 consorts because of armed rebellion against armed power, high treason and treason etc. Zweibrücken 1850.

Individual evidence

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