OC BDe 4/4 15 - OC BDe 4/4 15

OC BDe 4/4
BDe 4/4 15 L'Orbe and control car Bt 51 La Sihl in Chavornay in 2009
BDe 4/4 15 L'Orbe and control car Bt 51 La Sihl in Chavornay in 2009
Numbering: OC 15
Travys 557 615
Number: 1
Manufacturer: SWS , MFO , Stadler
Year of construction (s): 1960
2006 (conversion for OC)
Axis formula : Bo'Bo '
Long: 15,900 mm (before the conversion)
Learning Mass: 28.0 t (before the conversion)
Wheel set mass : 7.0 t (before the conversion)
Top speed: 50 km / h *; 60 km / h
Hourly output : 444 PS
Power system : 1200 volts direct current *; 750 volts direct current
Number of traction motors: 4
Seats: 52 (before the renovation)
* until the renovation

The OC BDe 4/4 is an electric shuttle train from the Travys .


In 2006 the Orbe-Chavornay-Bahn (OC) took over the railcar BDe 4/4 No. 13 and the control car Bt No. 912 from the Sihl Valley-Zurich-Uetliberg-Bahn (SZU).

The company Stadler Rail Winterthur subjected the railcar BDe 4/4 No. 13 and the associated control car Bt No. 912 to a total overhaul using parts of the railcar BDe 4/4 No. 14 of the SZU. In the course of this, the BDe 4/4 No. 14 multiple unit was demolished.

The result is a contemporary shuttle train consisting of the multiple unit BDe 4/4 with the new number 15 and the control car Bt with the number 51 in the design of the Travys , but with the addresses of the Orbe-Chavornay railway. Externally and internally, the shuttle train remained essentially unchanged. The only clearly visible feature is the relocation of the pantograph from the characteristic side position, as is still common today on the Uetlibergbahn, to the center of the vehicle axis. In order to ensure that the railcar, which was designed for mountain use, can be used in "high-speed traffic" in the Orbe-Level does not run too fast and would therefore be mechanically damaged, it had to be equipped with a speed monitor. This switches off three of the four traction motors when the vehicle speed exceeds 66 km / h, so that further acceleration is no longer possible.

The shuttle train replaced the BDe 4/4 No. 13 from 1920 as a reserve vehicle.

The Orbe-Chavornay-Bahn railcar BDe 4/4 No. 15 comes from a series of four identical railcars and control cars that the former Uetlibergbahn procured in three lots: the BDe 4/4 No. 11 in 1939, the BDe 4 / 4 No. 12 in 1950 and BDe 4/4 No. 13 and No. 14 in 1960. For decades, the Uetlibergbahn drove the railcar on the route from Zurich-Selnau to Zurich's local mountain, the Uetliberg . The vehicles handed over to the Orbe-Chavornay Bahn (OC) for the conversion were last used as “MüXXis-Märlizug”.