MIB Be 4/4 8 - MIB Be 4/4 8

Be 4/4 8
20150612Y453 Be8.JPG
Numbering: 8
Number: 1
Manufacturer: Stadler Rail
Year of construction (s): 1996
Axis formula : B’B’
Gauge : 1000 mm (Meterspur)
Length over coupling: 18'400 mm
Learning Mass: 25 t
Top speed: 75 km / h
Hourly output : 360 kW
Power system : 1.2 kV DC voltage
Power transmission: Catenary
Number of traction motors: 2
Drive: electric
Seats: 40
Particularities: Unique piece
Be 4/4 8 im Ursprungszustand in Innertkirchen
Be 4/4 8 with full advertising in Meiringen in 2009

The Be 4/4 8 is an electric multiple unit of the Meiringen-Innertkirchen-Bahn (MIB) and is unique due to the shortness of the route and the consequent low demand for vehicles .

It was built by Stadler Rail and put into service on May 3, 1996 . The meter-gauge vehicle runs on two two-axle bogies, each with a three-phase drive motor installed lengthways. The traction motors are supplied via a GTO converter. The car body is divided into two driver's cabs, two entry areas, one of which is designed as a multi-purpose room, and a passenger area with transverse seats in the shape of a compartment typical of Switzerland and a central aisle. The entrance doors are double-leaf swing doors. In terms of vehicles and brakes, the railcar complies with the Brünig and Bernese Oberlandbahn standards. This means that transfer towing and use asTow car possible. The installation of an auxiliary drive that is independent of the contact wire was dispensed with for reasons of cost.


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