4 strangers in DC - 4 extraños en D.C.

4 Strangers in DC is a Colombian animated web series developed in Macromedia Flash (today, Adobe Flash ), created in 2000 by Jaime Moreno (nicknamed Old James) and currently published on YouTube under the channel of the 4 strangers although also they were broadcast as part of RCN Televisión's La Scene Television Program in 2007. [ 1 ] The Colombian punk band Chite made a song for the series.


Main characters

  • Arnoldo Viáfara: (21 years old; b. October 22; Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca)) is an Afro-descendant who represents the Colombian peaceful culture, is a fan of America de Cali ), he loves to dance salsa or take a step as he says, in addition de la salsa is a fan of Noel Petro (El Burro Mucho) and an admirer of the characters of Colombian entertainment. Arnoldo's attitude is rather submissive, although it was sometimes revealed, he even won a Champeta contest.

Arnoldo lives in a humble rented house, he is calm and does not usually have problems with his friends, although he is sometimes teased by his friends for different reasons.

  • Miguel Forero: (19 years old; born September 7; Duitama (Boyacá)) is a Boyacense of Bogotana mother and father of a powerful peasant from Boyacá . He is the eldest of two brothers and his family is very conservative, hence his strong devotion to the Virgin and intolerance against the Metalheads (which he considers marijuana and satanic) and especially with homosexuals . It is usually a representation of the conservative and intolerant man, he likes to drink beer, play shuffleboard, blow a machete and listen to popular music (especially ranchera, carrilera and spite), he is also a fan of Millonarios. He studies medicine at the Capital University with the hope that there is a doctor in the family, although he does not attend classes because he is working with the truck since according to him it allows him to have money to buy his accessories, drink beer and get the Mayuris out. weekends.
  • Julián Vargas: (20 years old; born January 29; Bogotá DC ) is the only child of a prosperous and wealthy Bogota family representing the typical "gomelo" (an upright and arrogant upper-class young man ). study at one of the best universities in Bogotáand due to her strong parental consent, she possesses many comforts that other people do not have. He likes to listen to the music that is in fashion and frequent the bars and trendy and exclusive places in the city. Although he has friends of the same social status. They consider him intense and unbearable and only the other 4 strangers are the only ones who tolerate him and accept him as he is. Due to his friendship and the problems he has gotten into with the 4 strangers, his parents have been taking away his comforts and he has had to work as a porn actor in order to maintain his life status.
  • Byron Gómez: (20 years old; August 6; Medellín ) is a country that from a very young age came with his mother and grandmother to Bogotá to seek luck. He is a fan of Atlético Nacional and is in love with music , especially rock , which is why he studies music at the Pontifical Andresian University wearing shirts related to a rock band. Although he criticizes other musical tastes (especially those of his friends), he tolerates and respects them, he also shows great interest in the diversity of tastes and criteria, and for Byron the neighborhood and his friends are very important to his life. Besides studying he works as a clown in a small recreation company that he has where sometimes the other 4 strangers help him.

Secondary characters

Viáfara Family

  • Filadelfo Viáfara: Arnoldo's father, is a humble artisanal fisherman , although he lives in Buenaventura , he is a native of Barranquilla . He has a clandestine and zoophilic relationship with the Donkey of the house who is the family pet.
  • Teodolinda Burbano: Arnoldo's mother, she is a housewife and the one who takes the reins in the family, she always watches over the well-being of her children and loves Arnoldo very much, who wants him to be a professional so that he can lift them out of poverty.
  • Santiago Viáfara: Arnoldo's younger brother, he likes soccer a lot .
  • Serafín Viáfara: Arnoldo's younger brother, he is the smallest of the 3 Viáfara brothers, he always walks without shorts showing the poverty and innocence of his family, he has a habit of removing his snot and then eating them.
  • The donkey: Pet of the family and lover of Don Filadelfo, he always walks with the family although due to threats from Doña Teodolinda he is sold.

Forero family

  • Francisco Forero: Miguel's father, is a peasant potentate of the potato in Duitama .
  • Emma: Miguel's mother, she is a housewife born in Bogotá who takes care of her two children and considers family as the most important thing.
  • Stevenson William Forero: Miguel's younger brother, he studies first high school at the neighborhood school, he loves to sap all the muddy things that Miguel commits with his friends. Despite her age, she has a tendency towards homosexuality and cross-dressing .

Vargas family

  • Pedro Vargas: Father of Julián, he is a prosperous merchant in the city and owner of a large chain of restaurants.
  • Lucila: Julián's mother, she is a lady who generally dedicates herself to reading vanity magazine, going out with her friends to have tea, talking about soap operas , splitting up with her husbands and fixing the country's problems.

Gomez family

  • Medardo Gómez: Byron's father, initially he had died when he fell from the terrace while spying on the neighbor but in the chapter "he was not dead, he was partying" they clarify what happened so that Don Medardo would return to his family. He currently lives with his family although he considers himself a failed and loser man . Referring contemptuously against his wife, calling her "Fat old woman"
  • Martha Gómez: Mother of Byron, she is dedicated to commerce in San Andresito where she has a Warehouse of electrical appliances being the only stable source of income for the family.
  • The Sister: Byron's sister, only referenced in the chapter "Returning to the roots" in which she secretly works as a prostitute at night, is represented by a Microsoft Office 97 Art Gallery clipart image.
  • Grandma: Byron's grandmother, only referenced in the chapter "My Uncle Kerry King" who supposedly walks in a thong with Winnie the Pooh .
  • Hitler: dog breed pitbull and pet Byron, is very faithful to Byron and has even been talk in the series.

Other characters

  • Doña Blanca: Neighbor of the neighborhood and owner of the house where Arnoldo lives.
  • Don Clímaco: Butcher of the neighborhood
  • Valentina: Daughter of Don Clímaco
  • Maryuris: Miguel's girlfriend.
  • Resortico y frijolito: Street clowns that Byron confronts on a city bus.
  • Mrs. Raquel: participant in the reality show "Protagonistas de Nuestra PEYE", after it is finished she becomes the new "Madame Rochy".
  • Mrs. Estelita: Scientific ,


Season Name Chapter Year Argument Curiosities
Season 1 Arnoldo Abandons His Land Arnoldo's Parents receive a letter where they are winners of the Scholarship for Arnoldo to study at a University in Bogotá . So they send him on a bus with 50,000 pesos for his maintenance.
Chite atlante Arnoldo arrives in Bogotá and is the victim of robbery where he loses the 50,000 pesos, with the help of a policeman he arrives in the neighborhood and meets Doña Blanca who decides to give him shelter in exchange for housework and something else.
The welcome Byron, Julián and Miguel feel uncomfortable because of Arnoldo's presence in the neighborhood and each one makes a plan for him to leave. However, none of them is successful and in the end they decide to integrate him into the group forming the 4 strangers. This is the first time the 4 strangers got together
Rock to the Park Byron Invites Julián, Miguel and Arnoldo to Rock al Parque , but they question and criticize those attending the event, Miguel faces blows with some, while Miguel and Arnoldo try to "teach" how to "dance" ending up beaten. In the end Byron and Old James teach that you have to respect people's musical tastes and sexual preferences, although in a rather funny and ironic way. This is Byron's first time using his Rastas features
The sad story of 4 fags Arnoldo's parents arrive in Bogotá and greet each other with Arnoldo's new friends, Serafín gets lost and everyone goes out to look for him except Don Filadelfo who is caught having sex with the pet donkey. Serafín is found by Don Clímaco's daughter who had come to study from Japan and the 4 strangers fall in love with her. Reason for which they confront and dissolve the group and the friendship .
Mommy you are very rich, but you are a whore The 4 strangers seek by their own ways to make love with Don Clímaco's daughter. Miguel takes her to Monserrate without success, Arnoldo takes her to his house in Buenaventura where he also fails, Byron tries to spend some time with her on the beach but the other strangers conspire to make him look bad and Julián is caught by Don Clímaco when he tried to kiss her . In the end the 4 strangers get back together and decide that friendship is important and should never end because of the love of a woman. The appearance of Don Climaco's daughter is a reference to Japanese animation
Touring the bar On a Friday afternoon where Byron confronts some clowns on the bus and Miguel confronts the bus driver for crashing his truck . They decide to go out for a few beers and invite Julián and Arnoldo. that night they get drunk, they take drugs and in the end Miguel realizes that his brother became a transvestite .
He was not dead, he was partying It shows the story of Don Medardo's death and how he gets to heaven where he is expelled by Jesus (represented as Julian) and sent to hell , to make a pact with the devil where he promised to return to earth and be faithful to his wife in exchange. from not returning to hell to serving the eternal punishment: listening to all the songs of Shakira dressed as Teletubbie while a barnie raped him. In the end Don Medardo returns to earth by a favor from Satan. This chapter was made because in the chapter "Bar Touring" Byron's father appears at the end, when in the initial biography of the characters written by Jaime Moreno he said that the father had died. The author has commented that he did not notice this error and that is why he made the next chapter clarifying the error in the series.
I hate you but it doesn't matter and if it matters it doesn't matter
4 strangers in The New Star of Songs The CityTv "Much Music" program interviews the 4 strangers and how many things from their personal lives.
Fame turned Arnoldo into a queer Arnoldo wins a champeta reality show , becoming a famous character in the national farsándula. When he returns to the neighborhood he despises his friends, but ends up being a double, since Arnoldo has no talent, in the end the 3 strangers proved that he was a fraud.
Lola drones
Oh, what a scare so little hood The 4 strangers go to a campfire and tell terrifying stories, like Byron at a costume party, Arnoldo at a funeral home. In the end they were about to be eaten by a monster, but Arnoldo spoiled it This chapter took many years to complete completely. From about the series began
We are in shock
Olé Melo Arnoldo and Miguel are going to help for a bullfight, something that, on the other hand, are against Byron and Julián and after a moment of confrontation between for and against, Miguel along with Don Climaco are going to mistreat the bull so that the Domingo this "bravo", and Arnoldo together with Miguel help a Spanish bullfighter to put on his equipment, but they clumsily injure him and Arnoldo has to assume his place, Byron and Julián train the bull so that he is prepared and in the end as expected Arnoldo it fails to do anything and comes out above the horns.
Wetting camera Promotion for Channel 13 (Colombia)
11 years old Celebration of 11 years of shock, with peculiar stories such as the mole that separated from Enrique Iglesias .
My Uncle Kerry King
And now who can help us?
Returning to the Roots
Once upon a time Byron of Jesus Byron wakes up with a woman (quite ugly) in his bed after being drunk and having sex with her, after she throws him out of his house through the window, the woman runs and meets the other 3 strangers and waving at Julián, who also drunk had had sex with her. Then Arnoldo explains the term of milk brothers and the possibility that the 4 strangers had been known in an earlier time, telling a funny story with the 4 strangers in Jerusalem from the time of Christ.
Diomaiden The famous band Iron Maiden will visit the city of Bogotá , so the 4 strangers decide to draw the mascot of the band, characterized by the regions and ideas of Arnoldo, Byron and Julián about a Colombian Eddie ( iron Maiden's pet ), and they make jokes about the pet's name
Ramonero Patch
Archienemiguin Promotional chapter for the Arch Enemy concert in Colombia on April 30, 1995
MY first tutorial 2009
Oops, what a scare so little hood 2
What Kornetica Korn concert promotion in Colombia.
Little lambs
Forgive him he's drunk The 4 strangers are invited to a barbecue by Erwin, where there is a dry law, as he does not have for the bus they make a match where they make a bet and lose, they go on foot and Miguel, drunk, wreaks havoc on the street and after a misunderstanding with a Minors, they end up in jail where they have series of peculiarities there and Miguel is still quite drunk. 15 days later they are released from jail.
Byron's son Byron is surprised by a 3-year-old son, which he had with a well-known television presenter , she sent him to take care of him, they do everything and even hired babysitters which Byron's son harassed, in the end Byron he realizes that the son was not his but a drummer in a band.
Tsunami Anthrax, Y
Protagonists of our PEYE The 4 strangers along with other peculiar characters, participate in a reality house where they have various fights and peculiarities, between all they do in a dynamic called "face to face". Miguel wins the reality show and the prize is a piglet from Tolima. In this episode many references are made to Colombian Television as well as the well-known Colmenares case

In this episode parodies the controversial and recognized reality protagonists of our tele of the RCN channel .

Super Strangers Saving Farzombia
Acid Paint
Goodbye to Miguel Miguel makes the announcement to his friends that he is leaving the house, strangers are surprised and at that moment "Stive" appears, which after Miguel's departure wants to be in the group, that is when the 3 friends are offended and start to tell stories where Miguel saved them from trouble, such as when he posed as Arnoldo's blind sister in a dog training program, or when he donated a kidney to some people to pay compensation for a syringe with semen from "a cup of tea "that Julián gave them and the dog" hurt "them, or when he was with Byron in a reality show parody of the MTV reality show , Acapulco Shore . at the end comes the emotional moment, Arnoldo gives him 50,000 pesos that he never spent when he arrived in Bogotá. And Byron gave him one of his dreadlocks. When the 3 strangers left, they were surprised that Miguel was only going to move house within the neighborhood, something that angers the 3 friends.
It's not you, it's Me Curious adventure where a strange accident changes their bodies when trying to put on their powers as superheroes, and the 4 strangers face all kinds of occurrences in a foreign body.
Porn Arnoldo, Byron and Miguel suspect some strange behavior of Julián, so they decide to spy on him when they are surprised that Julián is an adult film actor. The 3 when trying to spy on him violently interrupt the recording, breaking the window. The director decides to include them in the scenes, Arnoldo is characterized as "The paladin of lust" but cannot complete the scene, Miguel also failed to finish the scene due to a heart attack due to the consumption of viagra , and Byron was rejected for not being gifted , all

scenes are completed by Julián.

4 strangers in DC - Felipe Peláez Jocos and funny interview, from the boyacence Miguel to the Colombian artist Felipe Peláez ,

For his latest album released.

Educating Vulgarcito Byron's "son" comes to his house to inform him of a bad experience he has at his school, as a child is bullying him , as is known instead of worrying, Byron with Miguel as irresponsible, unsympathetic and empathetic who they are, they tell him aggressively to defend himself. They even attack Julián for defending the child.

Even so they decide to go to school to find out about it, they decided to talk to their music teacher who quickly learned who it was from, it was nothing more and nothing less than the angry and rude Vulgarcito. Who did not hesitate to not only attack Alejo but also the 4 strangers, the 4 friends want to soften him up so they decide to disguise Alejo as elmo but he ends up with stabs in the butt, then they would go to a comedy show where he enters Much to the amazement of the friends, Vulgarcito steals the show. After his attempts they decide to hire two babysitters to help him, and he ends up having sex with them, at the end Vulgarcito thanks everyone for their "Change".

It is an epic crossover between two animated web series legends in Colombia .


Rock bands and artists or similar

famous characters

famous fictional characters

  • Yasuri Yamileth
  • Patito / Patricia Castro: protagonist of the Argentine series "Patito Feo" played by Laura Esquivel.
  • Captain America
  • La bruja del 71: character from the Mexican series "El Chavo del 8" played by Angelines Fernández
  • As Such: Character of the "Consumer Bulletin"
  • Ramoncito: character from the Colombian series "Dejémonos de Vainas" played by Benjamín Herrera.


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