4 fists for a hallelujah - 4 Fäuste für ein Halleluja

4 fists for a hallelujah
Studio album by Olli Banjo and Jonesmann



Label(s) Real Musik / Intergroove

Format (s)

CD, Download



Title (number)


running time

62 min 49 s

occupation Olli Banjo, Jonesmann


B. "Blanco" Bazzazian, Roe Beardie, Lex Barkey, M3 & Noyd, phreQuincy, S. Buchenauer

Chronology by Olli Banjo
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Chronology by Jonesmann
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4 fists for a hallelujah Longing

4 Fists for a Hallelujah is a joint album by the two rappers Olli Banjo and Jonesmann . It was released on February 27, 2009 via Echte Musik and reached number 46 in the German album charts.


The first single, Vögel , was released on February 13, 2009 as a digital release. More Tears was released as a remix with the Minden rapper Curse as a second single. [1] In addition, a video was shot for The Essentials .

The idea for a joint album came up about four years before the release, also because many fans asked for a collaborative album by the two artists after various joint tracks. [2] Over the years, both confirmed in interviews that they were working on the joint album, but an exact release date could not be given. The work had to be postponed, among other things, due to the founding of the label Jonesmanns at the beginning of 2008 or the completion of her solo projects. [3] In December 2008, at that time still untitled Kollaboalbum was finally announced on 27 February, 2009. Shortly afterwards, the title Four Fists for a Hallelujah was also based on the film with Terence Hilland Bud Spencer , announced. In the run-up to its release, there was an uproar over a comment by Olli Banjo about some fans demanding the album. In an interview, Banjo said that he had "high expectations of the album" and that "it had to be chartered in any case because everyone had asked for it". Opinions on the comments were divided. [4]


Most of the beats on the long player come from B. "Blanco" Bazzazian , who produced for Gentleman and Azad , and Olli Banjo's house producer Roe Beardie. The Hamburg producer phreQuincy also contributed a beat, as did S. Buchenauer and the duo M3 & Noyd, who were responsible for the number 1 hit Prison Break Anthem by Azad and Adel Tawil in 2007 . Lex Barkey from Frankfurt produced two tracks.

Track list

  1. Heaven draws - 4:01
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian & Steddy Beats
  2. Birds - 3:38
    • Produced by Roe Beardie
  3. Filth for me - 4:47
    • Produced by Lex Barkey
  4. The essentials - 4:01
    • Produced by Roe Beardie
  5. No air - 3:44
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  6. Galaxy - 3:35
    • Produced by M3 & Noyd
  7. More tears - 4:45
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  8. Skit – 1:03
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  9. Fire extinguisher - 3:03
    • Produced by Lex Barkey
  10. Like in the zoo - 3:37
    • Produced by Roe Beardie
  11. Ende & Amen – 3:13
    • Produced by Roe Beardie
  12. Columbine – 4:08
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  13. End of terrain - 3:48
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  14. Your weapons - 3:00
    • Produced by phreQuincy
  15. The flakes are right - 3:47
    • Produced by S. Buchenauer
  16. Kill you - 4:01
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian
  17. The end - 4:28
    • Produced by B. "Blanco" Bazzazian


The online magazine Hip Hop Jam awarded the album three and a half out of a possible five points. The two's project seems "lyrically somewhat one-sided" and creates "thematic monotony". Nevertheless, 4 fists for a Hallelujah is a good, but also “mostly solid album”. The strength of the duo lies above all in the "more serious tracks" like Columbine , Mehr Tänen or Das Ende . [5]

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