4th Royal Bavarian Infantry Brigade - 4. Königlich Bayerische Infanterie-Brigade

The 4th Infantry Brigade was a large unit of the Bavarian Army . The brigade command was in Neu-Ulm .


In 1914 the brigade was part of the 2nd Division . You were subject to the following units:


The large association was established on November 27, 1815 as the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Munich General Command .

The brigade was used at the beginning of the First World War as part of the 6th Army on the Western Front. From April 1, 1915, the brigade staff of the march was called the 21st Infantry Brigade , which was subordinate to the newly established 11th Infantry Division , and left the 2nd Division. With the brigade staff of the 3rd Infantry Brigade , the 4th Infantry Brigade continued to exist in the 2nd Division until the end of the war.


Rank Name date
Major general Philipp Straub 1867 to 1870
Major general Rudolph von der Tann-Rathsamhausen 1870 to 1873
Major general Joseph Hebberling 1873 to 1874
Major general Otto von Schmidt 0 December 4, 1874 to February 28, 1882
Major general Celsus from Girl 1882 to 1888
Major general Arnulf of Bavaria 1884 to 1887
Major general Hugo Helvig 1888 to 1892
Major general Hermann Durlacher 1892 to 1895
Major general Friedrich Lehmann 1895 to 1896
Major general Ludwig von Winneberger 1896 to 1900
Major general Karl Reisner von Lichtenstern 1900 to 1901
Major general Heinrich Goeringer 1901 to 1903
Major general Eduard Hagen 1903 to 1904
Major general Karl von Köppel 1904 to 1908
Major general Karl Buyer 0 April 1, 1908 to 1911
Major general August Ipfelkofer March 28, 1911 to 1913
Major general Karl Schoch 1913 to April 1, 1915
Major general Franz of Bavaria March 26, 1915 to October 10, 1916
Major general Wilhelm von Reitzenstein October 10, 1916 to July 6, 1918
Oberst Ludwig von Vallade 0 July 6, 1918 until the end of the war


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