4B Holding - 4B Holding

4B Holding AG

legal form Aktiengesellschaft
founding 1896 / 1962
Seat Zug, SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
management Mark Bachmann
( VR President ) [1]
Jean-Marc Devaud
( CEO )
Number of employees 660[1]
sales 183 million CHF (2019) [1]
Branch Construction supplier
Website www.4-b.ch

The 4B Holding AG (short-4B), based in train is a Swiss family business in the building supplies industry.


4B, with its headquarters in Hochdorf (LU) and ten branches in Switzerland, manufactures windows, facades and doors in wood, metal and plastic. The company is owned by the Bachmann family. There are production sites in Hochdorf and Emmen in the canton of Lucerne. 4B also offers building envelope services.

Region Branches
German Switzerland Hochdorf, Adliswil, Dietlikon, Baden-Dättwil, Bern, Chur, Pratteln, St. Gallen
Western Switzerland Crissier, Genf-Meyrin
Tessin Bedano (4B bei Veragouth SA)

Product portfolio

In addition to renovation windows made of wood-metal, the 4B product range also includes window and facade systems for the new building sector as well as sliding doors for renovation and new buildings made of wood-metal and plastic. The range also includes house doors and a post and bolt system made of aluminum.

Materialization product
Wood-metal Renovation windows RF1, window system NF1, sliding door ST1, parallel sliding door PS1, post and transom system FS1, single-layer facades, double-skin facades, element facades
plastic Plastic window KF1 wide, plastic sliding door KS1 slide, plastic sliding door KS1 parallel
Aluminium House door HT1, post and bolt system FS1


The company has its roots in the Bachmann joinery in Hochdorf, which was founded in 1896. This village carpenter's workshop was run for two generations until the third generation of the carpenter's workshop founded the Bachmann brothers AG in 1962. After the start of industrial window production in 1972, a window production plant in Hochdorf went into operation in 1975. The first line of bathroom furniture was launched in 1977. The bathroom furniture business was incorporated into the newly founded Bachmann Badmöbel AG in 1995. In 1996 the entire 4B was renamed and the individual companies were grouped under a common holding umbrella.

In 1999 Otto Bachmann sen. the operational management of the 4th generation who joined the company in 1989. In 2003, the 4B Group acquired Kronenberger AG in Ebikon, which was subsequently split up: 4B Fassaden AG for intelligent building envelopes and Kronenberger AG for plastic windows. With 450 employees, they achieved a turnover of 110 million francs. [2] [3] In 2011 4B Badmöbel AG got a new corporate design and changed its name to talsee AG for strategic reasons. [4] Today the company is part of Awindo Holding AG. At the beginning of 2017, the previously independently managed companies 4B Fenster AG, 4B Fassaden AG and Kronenberger AG were merged to form a stock corporation, 4B AG. [5]

On August 1, 2019, Jean-Marc Devaud took over the operational management of 4B AG. [6]

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