4Backwoods - 4Backwoods

4Backwoods after their performance in Windeck in 2011
4Backwoods after their performance in Windeck in 2011
General information
origin Eitorf , Germany
Genre(s) Rock, Powerrock, Alternative, Indie-Rock
founding 1993
resolution 2012
Founding members
Thorsten Gerhards (until 1994)
Sascha Olbertz (until 2003)
André Kolf
Wolfgang Nüchel (until 1998)
Last occupation
Daniel Wagner (since 1996)
Mario Kleine (since 2011)
André Kolf
Christoph Becker (since 1998)
former members
Florian Deutzmann (2003-2007)
Stephan Breidenich (2007–2011)

4Backwoods was a German rock band .


It was founded in 1993 in Eitorf an der Sieg. Its first line-up consisted of Thorsten Gerhards, Sascha Olbertz, André Kolf and Wolfgang Nüchel. The number four stands for the number of band members and the backwoods as a literal translation of the word " Hinterwäldler " for their origin from the North Rhine-Westphalian province. The band first made their appearances in the Bonn area. As the winner of the “Hörkraft” music competition, the band was sent from their home parish on a tour to England in 1994. In 1996 Thorsten Gerhards was replaced by the singer Daniel Wagner, in 1998 the drummer Wolfgang Nüchel by Christoph Becker.

From 1999 the band performed at the Rheinkultur -Festival in Bonn, the Cologne Ring Festival and in Faak am See, Austria . Between 2001 and 2003 she played concerts in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, among others in the opening act for bands such as HIM , The Cardigans , Therapy? , Reamonn , Farin Urlaub , Die Happy , 4Lyn , Such a Surge , Liquido , Donots , Blackmail and Glow .

In 2002 guitarist Sascha Olbertz left the band and was replaced by Florian Deutzmann in 2003. In the same year the band recorded their debut album The Dream I Live in and received a recording contract with the independent label Eat The Beat Records. In the following years the band played concerts at various festivals and in music clubs as well as in support of bands such as Motörhead , System of a Down and the Beatsteaks .

At the end of 2006 guitarist Florian Deutzmann left the band and was replaced by Stephan Breidenich.

In 2011, the 4Backwoods appeared in the live club “Mauerwerk” within the daily soap Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten . They then reached number 1 in the download charts on Amazon and also landed in the top 10 on other platforms such as Saturn, Musicload and iTunes . In 2011, guitarist Stephan Breidenich was replaced by Mario Kleine. In 2012 the band broke up.

In the Rockin'1000 project, Christoph Becker acted as a drummer in the Commerzbank-Arena on July 7, 2019 as one of 1002 musicians and was thus involved in the world record as the "greatest rock band in the world".



  • 1994: Back from the Woods
  • 1999: Going Nuts
  • 2001: These Little Things
  • 2004: The Dream I Live In
  • 2010: Be Different or Die


  • 2004: The Dream I Live In
  • 2010: (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight
  • 2010: Supernova Day
  • 2010: Butterfly