4ª plant - 4ª planta

4th Floor is a 101-minute feature film that can be included in the tragicomedy genre directed by Antonio Mercero , based on the play Los Pelones by Albert Espinosa and premiered in 2003 . It stars [ 1 ] by Juan José Ballesta (Miguel Ángel), Luis Ángel Priego (Izan), Gorka Moreno(Dani) and Alejandro Zafra (Jorge) and tells the story of a group of young people who manage with their joy to defy the disdain of fate and make their convalescence bearable in the trauma ward of a hospital. This group of young people call themselves "Los Pelones" and together they will discover the importance of friendship.

At the 2003 Montreal Film Festival , [ 2 ] in Canada, he won several awards: Best Director Award and Audience Award.

In the VI Edition of the Malaga Film Festival (2003) it obtained the Special Mention of the jury for its young interpreters.

At the Mediterranean Film Festival (Valencia) he won the Audience Award.

In addition, in the XII Edition of the El Mundo Al Cine Vasco Awards it managed to win the award for Best Original Screenplay.

Notably, the nomination for Best Film at the XVIII edition of the Goya Awards (2004).


Several adolescents of about fifteen years are admitted to the 4th floor of a hospital, the trauma ward . In it are patients who have bones and "bald", patients with bone cancer , who are subjected to different treatments and lose hair and even limbs. Jorge has been admitted as a result of a traffic accident and the doctors are trying to find out if that spot on the X-ray is a sign of cancer. Meanwhile, the other teenagers: Miguel Ángel, Izan and Dani, try to introduce him to their group of friends, first moved by the need to have a new player for the wheelchair basketball team, but later, by harmony and friendship. The feature film takes a tour of the different episodes that happen to them inside the hospital, from the usual situations such as rehabilitation exercises and meals, through the escapes through the different rooms of the building, the jokes to nurses and the humor between companions, the sunbathing on the terrace watching a model that they imagine in their minds, the basketball games..., to the point of turning the aisles into wheelchair racing competitions. Tragic episodes alternate with other more joyful ones, as happens with the loss of his friend Pepino and, on the contrary, with the satisfactory results of Jorge's analyzes. [ 3 ]


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Idea original

The original idea for this film arose from a play called Los pelones , written by Albert Espinosa and premiered in Barcelona in 1994. Albert suffered cancer at the age of fourteen, had to have his leg amputated and grew up in the hospital. Thus, the author autobiographically captured his life in this play, which would later become an audiovisual feature film. [ 4 ]


  • In 2003 he won the Best Director Award and Audience Award at the Montreal Film Festival (2003) in Canada.
  • Special Mention from the jury to its young performers at the VI Edition of the Malaga Film Festival (2003).
  • Best Original Screenplay Award at the XII El Mundo Al Cine Vasco Awards.
  • Nomination for Best Film [ 5 ] at the XVIII edition of the Goya Awards (2004).