4th Mechanized Body - 4.º Cuerpo Mecanizado

4th Mechanized Body
Active July of 1940 - August of 1941
country Flag of the soviet union Soviet Union
Fidelity Flag of the soviet union Soviet Union
Rama/s Red Army flag.svg Soviet army
Type Machining
Size Body
High command

Notable commanders
Mikhail Ivanovich Potapov
Andréi Andréyevich Vlásov
Wars and battles
World War II
Operation Barbarossa
Uman Stock Exchange

The 4th Mechanized Corps ( 4-й механизированный корпус ) military unit of the Red Army of the Soviet Union .


Formed in July 1940 , the corps was formed in the composition of the Kiev Special Military District , as an entity above the 6th Army . The body was stationed in Lvov . Destroyed at the Uman Stock Exchange in August 1941 .

Body formation

In February of 1941 the composition of the body was a change:


Political Commissioner

Major State Boss

Order of Battle

Formation of October 1 , 1940 :

Formation of September 18 , 1942 :

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