4th of ESO (comic strip) - 4.º de ESO (historieta)

4th of ESO
Olegario Gandaria
Format Serialized in El Jueves
and compiled in albums
Language español
First edition 2003 - present
Editorial Thursday
Gender Funny
Artistic direction
Creator (s) Albert Pallarés

4th of ESO is a series of comics by Albert Pallarés , which, with various changes of title and protagonists, has been kept since 2003 in " El Jueves ".

Editorial career

In 2003, for number 1345 of "El Jueves", Pallarés began to publish Olegario Gandaria , a one-page comic that narrated the adventures of a modern and young high school teacher and his friend Val.

In number 1557, of March 2007, Pallarés already focused it on his students with the title of Acne .

Already in September 2008, with the number 1634 of "El Jueves", he turned it into 4th of ESO .

Plot and characters

Currently, it is a two-page comic that narrates everyday situations in class and outside of it, starring groups of young people from the Institute and their teachers. Professor Olegario Gandaria, who previously starred in the series, now appears as a supporting character. Young people, for their part, speak the typical jargon of Spanish teenagers.


Periodically, the publisher has compiled it in the form of monographic albums :

  • 12/2004: Olegario Gandaria high school teacher (Col. New Banners of the Humor # 49) [ 1 ]


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