4 × 100 meter fire brigade relay - 4×100-Meter-Feuerwehrstafette

Extinguishing the fire of the 4th runner - 7th World Championships in Cottbus 2011

The 4 × 100 meter fire brigade relay is a discipline of fire fighting sport . A 4 × 100 meter relay with fire-fighting obstacles is overcome for a while. This discipline is completed by women and men.


Conquering the 3.5 m high escalating wall with a folding ladder

Parallel to the history of the 100-meter obstacle course , the Soviet Union introduced a 5 × 100-meter fire brigade relay. This ran on a 400 m stadium track and the 1st and 5th sections ran side by side. The first times were over 2 minutes. In 1959 the competition regulations were changed and the 5th section with the 3.5 m high wall was dropped. The rest of the structure of the railway was similar to today's structure. The times improved to about 90 seconds. [1]

The current world record was set by Belarus with 53.52 seconds at the 2008 World Cup in Sofia . [2] [3]

Structure of the career path and process

Crossing the house with a ladder - 7th World Cup in Cottbus 2011
Crossing the obstacle wall - 7th World Championships in Cottbus 2011

You start from starting blocks by means of a low start. For the men, the first runner takes a ladder to the start. With this he has to climb and overcome a 2.5 m high house. The women have a 2 m high wall bars at this point. The second runner overcomes an escalating wall, there is a hurdle for women at this point. The third runner picks up two C-tubes and crosses the 120 cm high and 8 meter long walkway. Then he couples the hoses together and connects them to a distributor on the track. Then he has to couple the jet pipe he carries with him, which acts as a baton, to the hose. After the boundary line 2 he may uncouple it again and hand it over to the 4th runner. He picks up a fire extinguisher and uses it to extinguish a fire that is burning in a fire tray on the railway. When crossing the finish line, the time is stopped if all obstacles have been overcome correctly and all changes have been carried out correctly. In addition, the fire must not re-ignite until the finish line. [4]

4 × 100-meter fire brigade relay dimensions

International fire fighting sports competitions

The World Fire Brigade Association CTIF has been holding the International Fire Brigade Competitions in various cities in Europe every four years since 1961 as world championships , also known as the Fire Brigade Olympiads.

The 4 × 100-meter fire brigade relay is one of four disciplines in these world championships , along with the 100-meter obstacle course , the hook ladder and the wet fire fighting attack . The evaluation takes place both as an individual competitor and as a team; one of four disciplines of these world championships. The evaluation takes place both as an individual competitor and as a team. Each team can compete with two relays. The best of the two seasons is considered.

The competitors of the first three squadrons will be awarded the International Fire Brigade Sports Medal in gold, silver and bronze. [5]

Situation in Germany

The current German record is held by the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania team with 59.60 seconds. K. Köster (house obstacle), S. Neubauer (wall obstacle), H. Rost (running beam) and M. Kremp (fire) at the XV. Fire Brigade Olympics 2013 in Mulhouse . [6] For women, the team Mecklenburg-Vorpommern holds with 66.89 seconds (Cottbus 2012) record. S. Marek (ladder wall), D. Bräuer (hurdle), M. Grosche (walking beam) and M. Twieg (fire) were running. [7]


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Individual evidence

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