Unicode block Unified CJK ideograms / 4E00 to 5FFF - Unicodeblock Vereinheitlichte CJK-Ideogramme/4E00 bis 5FFF

This page lists the characters U + 4E00 to U + 5FFF in the Unicode block Unified CJK Ideograms .

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
4E00 One Ding Yi Seven Tong Qi Ten thousand length three on under Not Do not versus Ren
4E10 beggar ugly Yu Specialized And Pi world Tong mound C industry Clump east wire Cheng throw
4E20 Tong Both throw Yao Two strict and funeral Cheng A Ah Yi in Tong Quan
4E30 Abundance tuft of hair string skewer Near Dian pill Dan for the Lord Bowl Korea Lift 丿
4E40 Yi Qi Yi Is Zhe Long Yi Torr What Righteousness Yi Of Wu first Almost Lack
4E50 fun Yi Ping Pong Joe Pi be good Ride Multiply B Eccentric Yi Nie nine begging and also
4E60 Learn township Yi W Yi book Yi Yi Yi Xi Yi Yi Fe
4E70 buy Chaos Nie milk Qi Qi Yi Yi Yi I Yi Yi Yi Inui Yi
4E80 turtle Yi Chaos Yi Up I Give Fight Thing two I in deficit
4E90 Quan cloud mutual Qi Fives well I through through Asia some Arabic I Asia urgently
4EA0 I Perish Kang Bo cross Hai also Produce Heng mu I enjoy Beijing pavilion bright
4EB0 Qi Dear Bo Yi Obscene inexpensive I I people I Quan Perish Billion
4EC0 What benevolence tithe Ding narrow only servant hatred Ba Zhang now Introduce Quan still From Buddha
4ED0 Qian Lun Ya warehouse kid official he battle With Cents Ruin Ren Squat Ren thousand
4EE0 Squat beefy Si generation make To Ya Three Si instrument Ling They Si Temporary Squat
4EF0 Up Yi Zhong part Qi opponent Case price A Yi I Ren Quan Share Yao Imitate
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
4F00 astir Enterprise Yi Sing You Yi scared Tong Yi Draw Not Five trick Volt
4F10 Cut Rest Ya Yi Yi Pi Tong Crowd excellent Partner meeting slouch Den umbrella Great
4F20 pass Yi Ya Ya hurt reckless Lun rude Yin Yi Pseudo Lingering Tong You Uncle
4F30 estimate You Ni Yi Companion Actor stretch Yi wait Yi Similar Jia influential 伿
4F40 Tong Yi Yi Share Yi Yi but Lingering cloth Yi Quack petty Rank low live
4F50 Zuo Help Yi body Take up what Yi Tuo She More than Lost Buddha Make Stupid eloquent Tong
4F60 you Ruin canal commission Wa Yi Yi Yi wear Li Ling guy Naughty pretend
4F70 Bai Yi Ni good Yi In parallel Ji Yi Yi Yi Qua Yi handsome Yi Yi Make
4F80 Yi large crowd Yi Kan nephew Yi Come Ren extravagant To Ren Example Not Serve Dwarf
4F90 unmoving Yor Qi Qi Ye Pi Lun Dong boast Chu Tong for screen according to Yi Tong
4FA0 Chivalrous Price To companion Wa Fluke Detect side Overseas Chinese broker Couple Queer Nong Insult Hou
4FB0 Yi Yi Hai Quake Invade companion Bureau Yi Yi You Quake Yi Yi Poop
4FC0 Sing Mat Person in charge promote Russian Ye Silly Slap Li Husband Jun Yi Li You pretty
4FD0 Li Figurines Ye Qi Li Pi Yi Vulgar Capture Qi Slang exhort forlorn Protect Yu
4FE0 Chivalrous letter To Mat Wa Li Pretty Qi As if both Li Li Li Thrifty repair Bow down
4FF0 Ye all Feng Hai shallow Tawara Chu Pay Salaries Just me Sing Yi Silly Good Li
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5000 reckless Stubborn Suave Stubborn Dumb both Sui warehouse Awkward A groom Times Lingering Swift
5010 Stubborn They inverted Bang stubborn Silly Wow if Waiting Lean on Stubborn Dumb Long borrow
5020 Hori advocate personable Copy value tired Arrogant Qian Ni Lun Zhuo Japanese Luo
5030 Cock Awkward Ying debt Awkward value Humble pour Intimidate
5040 Yan false Verse Great cuddle Partial
5050 Mourn Accompany Sigh do stop disobey
5060 Healthy You Hug force hurried
5070 mustached ~ side Detect I steal hunchback Pseudo ruin Compensation
5080 puppet Nuo Fu Exquisite Sloppy Near inversion
5090 Jie servant rude umbrella Prepare effect Exquisite unsteady Dai
50A0 Xian Home Dai unexpectedly Nuo best man Reserve Nuo Nuo Old man Remind commission Dai hurried
50B0 proud pass slouch debt hurt Sorrow hinder stupid Dai pour
50C0 Yan hunchback Yan only kill Yi Cents Working Siege Like
50D0 Overseas Chinese I Xi Bureaucrat Xian
50E0 Kun Yin Fluke monk ruin Xi clever Arrogant child
50F0 hire Xi Lai stiff price secluded Yi Beacon obscure
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5100 instrument Jun Nong Sorrow Billion when Warn ingenious broker Thrifty Sigh Dan by mere luck stupid Squat Frighten
5110 best man Sigh Confucianism Enthalpy Pretty Couple Sigh doubtful Sorrow Transient Hug Sigh Compensation
5120 Hu Head Yan Damn Yin Mourn Hum Sorrow excellent Mourn Damn Yan Humiliation
5130 Cunt Reserve irregular Be Swift Humiliation Li Yawn Nuo unexpectedly As if Yawn Obstinate child
5140 Wu allow yuan Brother Charge trillion fierce first Light Gram Against Free rabbit Er
5150 child Against child rabbit Si Yan Yan Yin party pocket Long
5160 Jing Choked Enter Yo Inside all Two Yu Eight public six Xi
5170 Blue Total Si turn off Xing Soldiers its With Code Here support Cum beast Yin
5180 Hope smilingly Enlighten Inside Circle No Gang Ran book book again
5190 helmet Risk ten billions Instigate Crown Zhe redundant write military Farming Luo
51A0 crown mound injustice deep power winter Feng
51B0 ice congealed Rush Decide condition Smelt cold Xie freeze Xian To
51C0 net Paint Amazing Ling quasi- Rime net cool chilly withered Ling freeze Ling Less
51D0 Sing Make up Humiliation Great Wow Rang Slam Ling cold cold Congeal Ling Yong
51E0 a few Where Where phoenix Sway place kite Sway Li calm mallard Rely on Kai
51F0 phoenix Kai stool Ling fierce Convex concave Out hit Tai letter Sorrow chisel
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5200 Knife Diao blade blade Minute cut mow Cut Journal Ruminate cut the throat
5210 Mow punishment Draw Chant Mow cut off the feet Column Liu then just Create First
5220 delete Moisten Judge Another Robbery Robbery plane Profit delete do not cut the throat scratch
5230 To cut open and clean rip system brush ticket brake thorn engraved Hang
5240 Cut out chop Agent shave cut the throat Yan Cut then Cut Cut cut Gram Slap before brake
5250 cut sword Cut Tick Cut Cut Cut erect just cut out peel Yan Yan
5260 Yu quiet Yong sword Agent peel Yin drama Pluck Leftover Cut Pluck Yan Yan cut vice
5270 Surplus Qi Discount Cut Cut out Create shovel slash Cut Yan Yan Smash rob Go around Suppress
5280 chisel Draw Za drama hack Liu Hang sword
5290 Agent Rhinotomy bore whittle force advise do Work
52A0 plus Service Active inferior move help Nu Robbery Shao
52B0 Encourage strength labor Labor Voucher Effective Jie impeach Potential
52C0 Stubborn strength Bo Yan Brave Reluctant Xun Shao Ling
52D0 Meng Le move survey Service Xun Win labor raise
52E0 kill Potential Diligent Suppress Solicitation Roam Ming Yi Yi Yu
52F0 Xie Active Isao Xun Yu Encourage haste advise Yi Spoon uniform Yi Yi hook do not
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5300 uniform Mace Smell Crouch Stubborn package hasty Ruin Hungary Slay receive with both hands Sloping Prostrate crawl Groan Guilty
5310 Creep Groan Cough Guilty dagger Transform north key, spoon Turn Shame couch for two
5320 Takumi Marina Sway box Guilty Naughty Prostrate Prostrate bandit Prostrate Naughty deficient exchange
5330 deficient Shame Sulking Crouch Idiot Stubborn Animal Area medical Quack Plaque hide
5340 Area ten thousand thirty Rise Noon Plant half Groan swastika China Association
5350 Swastika humble Graduation Zhuo Association single Sell south single Bo Bu Bian Porphyr
5360 Take up card Lu wine container halogen Gua Lying Jie guard goblet
5370 Seal In danger which is but egg volume Wholesale Shirt but uncomfortable Qing
5380 Snuggle Snuggle plant Bad hall calendar Squat Stern Pressure Tired of Siege Shao
5390 Pinch Choke Huh Cliff bend of a river toilet Pang Wai Centi thick Cuo original
53A0 Compartment Health calendar Jue Building Shao Kitchen stable Y Tired of Stand up
53B0 plant Cock Stern Strict Health Yi trample go with Siege county
53C0 Swift Three Participate Participate Three Cloudy also cross and Friend double anti- Revenue
53D0 Official hair uncle take Receive change Narrate Rebel Hum old man
53E0 Stack Rui Clump mouth ancient sentence another Talk knock only call Call Trumpet Ding can
53F0 station scold history right thereupon leaf number Division sigh La Dangle grumble Upset
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5400 Yan Call out eat each Call Sing Combine Ji Hang Inches with name Rear Official
5410 threw up to upbraid scare Yell Lu Acridine Is it Bang You stingy swallow Chant
5420 bark Pyridine Yong Hum no Bar Ton Pheno Ye With listen throat suck start
5430 squeak Indino Wu Wu noisy Na Suck blow kiss Roar Hum I Confuse
5440 Yeah Hum Lu Uh stay Present Wu Inform Furfur Feet
5450 Na Drink Babble Hum vomit cracking chant member Groan Slam choke Woo Sigh Moo Squat
5460 Moat What Huh whisper Yo vex week Babble Curse Xia Ya Bang
5470 Quack taste Ye Ah bawl Sip Pooh groan call Life And Sigh
5480 Tsui Oh suck roar How with blame Chant
5490 Order curse Click Goo coffee Huh Boom throat Bang Sizzle
54A0 beat a drum what Grin Consult Baa mum Close at hand bite Card Slightly
54B0 Eh we Saki cough Huh salty glorious call out pharynx babble
54C0 sorrow Product coax Duo Wow what Yes Piper ring Hey
54D0 Bang dumb clatter Beep Wow Kuai Indole garrulous Moo Yo
54E0 member argot brother Oh post Miles where cry Wheeze
54F0 Philosophy Scream feed Humph choking
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5500 Stubborn Condolences Humiliation chant instigate lip palpitation Ugh Hum Awkward Huh Oh Well
5510 Tang Azole Eh Huh Well Eh Huh Yell Hum Hum Mark Moo
5520 chatter Oh Huh Call Hum Huh Chi Nag fool Well Sell only
5530 Huh sing Song Well Om Eh Yo ~ Read Hum saliva Huh
5540 Sing Cheer bite peck Quotient Chant Morpholine what Cheer Silly move slowly Wailing ask
5550 spit Groan Eh Enlightenment Whee wail taste taste Chuckle Scream Yell sip dumb start
5560 coffee ounce title beer What La Tut Whisper Snapped stingy Bite
5570 Hello Croak Bo Pyridine Yell Howl Ji cry Chi Tweeted Cry
5580 Ka breathing of fish Hey Mumble good Yan Zhe La throat call chatter Here
5590 dumb Huh mosquito buzz Oh Whoosh asthma beak Call like drink Moo sigh
55A0 Hu sound of a bell rock noise pellucid funeral Enjoy Joe condole single
55B0 Eat Gel Yo twitter Meow ~ spray Quinine In Metaphor Hu
55C0 Hum Sigh scold with severity Ah Sniff choke stingy choke crop Groan Wailing Is it
55D0 Whistle Nibble despair voice Anger Whistle Whoosh Ay Hum Puff Woo Addiction belch sigh
55E0 Sigh Hum Increase Heir laugh howl Wordy Ha Hi Oxazine Whistle Ho Ok
55F0 Scream Ay Ai Wai Tom Beep Wailing chitchat Ai Wai cough incite
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5600 Beep whispering sound Bang generous sigh noisy Jia Bang Sigh Purine Ga longevity
5610 Babble sparse vomit Tut taste Lie Piss Bang Well Mark Li beep
5620 Boom Hum Cry Hum Pyridine Scream Wow Lang suck Bang chatter Howl
5630 grumble Exhort ridicule mouth hiss Buzz laugh Bang Ling Hey
5640 spurt out of the mouth evil rumor Puff Humiliated Stun Hum Puff taste Shame bass choke Puff
5650 Puff Puff Hush Pum Puff Puff puff pout hold in mouth Puff Chew chatter Sizzle Xun
5660 clatter Puff Oh Puff silent garrulous Device startling noise Alas bite Puff Ai
5670 choke loud laughter Kuai buck spray Puff Karma Puff Ton when Rakugo Thio Pudgy Groan Puff
5680 drink Yell chatteration scare Yell howl sneeze
5690 taste Groan Hum chatter Howl Roar Bang Bite brainless Yan
56A0 Sac Clamor pharynx cracking throat Rant knit the brows to Ooh
56B0 I strict Hum Shout chew Wai Hum Yell
56C0 Whistle Clamor smilingly Ling Babble Hello bag Su
56D0 Exhort Bite Whisper Back to Prisoners four child Times Fontanelle
56E0 because group Team store hide Oops chimney whole Back to garden decoy country
56F0 sleepy chimney Enclosure Figure Surround granary Silk prison solid country Figure Bound
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5700 closet garden imprison round ring Cut out pigsty country Surround Category
5710 Squeeze garden round Sip Figure group mist rolling upwards Won Li soil
5720 Saint Pressure in dike Ge Gui destroyed
5730 Ground Ba Chun tomb field Rubbish
5740 site Saka Abrupt all Fang dust collapse Hom Bad
5750 sit pit Sizzle Mumble Hu Piece Dull Strong altar Li dam dock grave
5760 fall slope Kun Sigh Tan Shu lump crucible Ping stand for goblets Hu Ni Billet
5770 environs boundless depression mound Mound Ke Huo islet crack Lie Hug
5780 Long Hang down garbage Ridge Long clay Ling Nuta Yan Ling type Dong Bian
5790 Dang Gao base boundary thick Ling Yao pile Yin Yang
57A0 Yin Long Dirt wall anthill Yin Cultivate chalk Ti pad Ya collapse Long
57B0 Gao Dang Kai Qi Nao An Long Embankment Niao Ling Yi Yi Ji Yin
57C0 Ridge Angstrom Yong Yan Buried Xian city mix water with clay
57D0 Xang Si Xian Po Cheng Bu Yong Xun crucible Fontan wild Nian Yang area
57E0 port Ya Cheng Dai Pi Xian Yu Xi Yin Rong Dai Si
57F0 Pick Yi Hom Yin Dai Hold on Field Training base Yin Saki broom Yi Yin
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5800 Hori Hall Kun Strong heap Pansy Yu chalk target in archery side of bridge barrow
5810 Jade Ditch fall mound crucible
5820 Hou Fort embankment Yin dam Hou Worthy Yao
5830 weir Report low wall field Blocking Yue Sakai mound alkali
5840 Fence base snuff out Piece grave collapse path between fields
5850 Base Plastic plaster tower Xi Paint pond Hanawa mound Plug
5860 Highland dock Xun dry clay lump Cypress salt fill Plateau
5870 Long dust Fence Ditch brick Cram school
5880 Chi Magnificent territory Gang villa Sing Immortal Moist Yong pad Yi Sang Ji
5890 bury Groan Moisture tomb Add Increase Qian wall Yin fall stony soil increase Market
58A0 Mao Ai Nan Maid Zygomatic ink Pier Maid Mao fall
58B0 altar Ke grave Shaggy building plot wall Cultivate
58C0 Boo wall Dai Stubborn obstruct Boo altar undeceived Broken Loam Vase Health
58D0 gully Pressure cylinder trench land under wall Ho base tomb clay Bottle Bad Ridge
58E0 Long Li Soil Jiao Di dam Shi Ren strong strong
58F0 sound one Sell shell pot pot one pot Vase life De graybeard
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5900 life Place butt Prepare Weird complex summer
5910 Kui Xi outer Chi Su many Hoard Night Bian enough
5920 enough dream late at night Partner Yu Big day too husband tender Central Ram
5930 Lose Qiao head Barbarian boast folder Seize Kuan Hu folder 夿
5940 Pretty Huan Xi suddenly odd Nai Bong Xian Strenuous Kui Play
5950 Huan Contract extravagant Run Yi prize set stout Xun Xi Yu Li Yang Xian
5960 Lay haughty extravagant Yin Xian Oh Huan Oh Scholarship Seize prize Shi Strenuous
5970 Xi Female guy Chan milk Xian evil she was Shao it is good Elder 奿
5980 Yu Concubine Such as Concubine Arrogant Yue Makeup woman mom Concubine Pregnancy Greedy Yu Yan Girl Concubine
5990 Yo jealous prostitute Demon Wow wonderful Makeup little girl Old man
59A0 Maid deceased mother Yu Proper Concubine harm flatter Old woman jealous Wo Ni Hu
59B0 Yin Da You beauteous Yu sister Yu wife Yi concubine Good
59C0 jolly Bridesmaid Hm sister Sister beginning Shan Shao
59D0 sister Aunt Si name Commission Chi Shan mistress Pregnancy Yao ginger Shu Ji
59E0 Maid Jiao copulate Grandma evil aunt Sister-in-law niece princess Ji Spoiled Confidant
59F0 fascinating Shi Shao marriage quiet and nice Appearance
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5A00 song state Prestige Nuo baby Lou Ya Lao Jiao Sorrow Pun Prosperous Sorrow Talk
5A10 Prostitute Sorrow Wow Whore Whistle Daughter Puff Her Granddaughter Entertain Na Tuo Juan
5A20 pregnant Di E Prostitute delivery Woman Prostitute Sorrow Sorrow Entertainment
5A30 Entertain Wa Wa Xian Marry ugly Yi Shao Prostitution Wandering Sorrow
5A40 Lou Nuo Mother-in-law Sing Graceful prostitute Gracious Shameless Stable Knock
5A50 Sister-in-law Jie Woo Ah marriage upright
5A60 slave girl Mother-in-law woman Jing Bastard Son-in-law Greedy Old lady kinky Ya
5A70 Graceful infant Chan aunt Ting Wu Concubine Son-in-law
5A80 beautiful Yo Nai Pun Venus Ling Yin Girl Old man
5A90 Sorrow Media undecided Wai Ling Charming Yuan Ge Ti lust
5AA0 Yin Yo envious Yu Yo Yu Woman Wa Woman old woman nurse Maid
5AB0 match Daughter-in-law Yu Mai Aunt Yo ugly Old woman Young woman Ling old woman mom marry ashamed
5AC0 Daughter-in-law Sister-in-law Man circumspectly Jealous delicate Dislike Ling
5AD0 visit a prostitute Old woman Lei Man
5AE0 Prostitute Maid Yan Prostitute Tender lustful
5AF0 Tender Ling flatter Xian Xian good Concubine Graceful
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5B00 Huan sister Li Lao play Sorrow Chan Jiao Baby
5B10 Hum Huh Bluff favorite Ho Hum Huan delicate
5B20 Miss ma Mother
5B30 infant tease win ma aunt lazy Ying
5B40 widow Daughter Young Nightmare Spoil Shao Sorrow Stubborn Young
5B50 child Card hole pregnant Double word Save Sun Fu Pup Zi filial Ya Meng
5B60 Hu spore season solitary offspring learn Shao Wandering child Twin Sun Pup Ruin Lao
5B70 what coward breeding Pit hatch learn Only Ru Ji Mi evil Spouse Twin
5B80 Luo rather it traitor House Yu Shou An Song Finish Sibling Macro
5B90 Grief Mi Down Zong official In the air set To should treasure real Actual
5BA0 Pet Examine customer Declare room You official Confession Sorrow constitution palace library stack Ruin palace Lao
5BB0 slaughter harm feast night Home Chen Content Mi width Bin Inn
5BC0 Pick expeditious lonely send Yin dense Kou Yan rich nightmare
5BD0 sleep soundly cold Dwell Dip Huh Set bad Hiroshi Sleep lonely Observe
5BE0 poor Widowed sleep very few real rather Village Examine Lao write width Laos
5BF0 Huan Treasure Pet treasure Inch Correct Temple Searching guide Hu versus life
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5C00 seal Exclusive Shoot Gram will will Specialized Wei Respect Searching Correct guide small
5C10 less thou You Ga tip dust Silly Yet taste fresh
5C20 especially especially Yao shaggy dog embarrassed
5C30 on Embarrassed Embarrassed corpse Yin ruler Butt Ni Exhausted tail Pee
5C40 Bureau fart Floor Cunt Home Session Cock Bend drawer Session house Cock corpse feces Screen
5C50 clog waste Cock Qi exhibition defecate drawer coarse Belong to Qi
5C60 Tu repeatedly repeatedly slipper Floor shoe sandals Qi sandals hemp sandals Belong to gigantic strength Tuen
5C70 mountain high mountain range Cock Yi hill without trees bare hill Cock Yu
5C80 A year old How Ban Ba Shao mountain peak perilous
5C90 Qi Cen fork Ke rugged Post Xian Ao Arashi island Ba Xi
5CA0 Gang Ke Xi Da rocky hill rock Xiu Cape ridge
5CB0 Dai Yue Wei wooded hill Min shore Shao Xi Yi Ku
5CC0 Yi Ba Yu
5CD0 Groan Dong Chao Ai Stand up Col Ridge
5CE0 Pass gorge Yu Qiao Zheng Mountain range E valley Xi Steep Yu Mine
5CF0 peak Xian island Si Jun gorge De 峿
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5D00 Lang Kan Lao Lai Wei Wei Kong worship Wei Lai Saki
5D10 Kun Kombu Lai Choi Wai Cliff Post Lun Lang Rise Wei Nao Choi
5D20 Zheng Wei Wei Wei Song collapse Wei Tsumugi Brand new Gu
5D30 Wei Wei Wei Crest Kou Li Wei Wei Cub cliff
5D40 aspire Rong Ji Sheng Mei Embedded mountain range
5D50 storm rock Om year old Rong Shao mountain peak An
5D60 Song Mei lofty lofty
5D70 Crest And Um winding mountain path uneven Ding
5D80 mountain peak Zhang Brand new Abrupt rugged
5D90 Groan lofty Shame Deng mountain peak
5DA0 Qiao abrupt Huh Yi Shame Aunt Wei
5DB0 mountain valley Ao Ridge Ridge Rong Ji ridge Yu Concubine 嶿
5DC0 bluff Top ravine cliff Ku Iwao Wei Ling
5DD0 Sip Mountain range Top Iwa Wailing Shout Lame Chuan State
5DE0 patrol nest nest work left Clever huge Gong witch Mother difference Sulfhydryl
5DF0 Sulfhydryl already Already Si -bar Ah lane And roll Sunda towel Market
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5E00 currency city cloth Handsome sail division Yan hope Home curtain
5E10 account cape Pa Post object held by dancer curtain broom silk flag emperor canopy
5E20 Yard Handsome band frame handkerchief Silk division seat help band
5E30 Return canopy Book band curtain often Silk conical cap cap 帿
5E40 frame power curtain width Xie Yan large scarf Hood Also
5E50 Yi Mantle screen conical cap screen hanging scroll flag
5E60 banner Building currency Yi Yi chariot canopy curtain in carriage Yi help canopy carriage cover Yi wipe
5E70 Ya dry level year And and And Lucky dry Yao fantasy young quiet a few wide
5E80 Agency narrow Wide village Celebrate shelter bed Xuan Shame sequence
5E90 Hut veranda Library should bottom kitchen shop temple Geng House Pang Waste
5EA0 asylum for the aged Yu shade degree seat Shao Wu Yu Library court
5EB0 Hu Kang Yong Tuo Yu Yu 庿
5EC0 Dim toilet Compartment Abolished Groan Li Building inexpensive gallery Ling Distressed room
5ED0 Groan granary Outline Groan shade Liao Wai kitchen Stand up Ling temple
5EE0 plant veranda Waste wide Luo wall Ling Ling Ling Hut Long
5EF0 toning Si hall Ling Extend Ting Di build Rotation Is Yin Twenty
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
5F00 open valve different abandoned do Yi Xian trap Game Smash Disadvantage Yi Yi formula
5F10 Two Kill Kill bow Condolence lead Fu Hiroshi Yi Relax Bian Younger brother
5F20 Zhang Tao carved bow Mi string arc Prostitute crossbow Yi Mi Mi bend
5F30 end of a bow weak Yi Yi Bei Zhang Strong full bomb Strong Bute Bullet 弿
5F40 enough do not Hum bomb Slap Mi bend
5F50 Hum Return when Hu record Comet swine exchange Yi Yi Xun
5F60 form Tong Yan Yan Yu Hum color Biao Carving Bin Peng
5F70 Clear shadow Imitate Role thorough he Yu Buddha
5F80 to Sign Zhu Confuse path To be Queer To very walk back and forth irresolute law Rear Linger
5F90 Xu path only Subordinate Lai Do not Get irresolute Migrating Woo Niche walk back and forth Hug From Yi
5FA0 Lai Go Go De Sorrow Yu Concubine all over Wander Restoration Follow To irresolute compulsory service micro- footpath
5FB0 Germany Sign Sign Morality Tohru Yu go around emblem Disagree Unwilling
5FC0 Indignant Anxious Xian heart Anxious must Recall Anger grieved Awkward Anger avoid endure Cry repent
5FD0 nervous nervous Te Groan Hu Anxious guess Zhi forget busy Frustrated Response Humble Ming Xun
5FE0 Faithful sad Anxious disobedient Wow worry Groan Son-in-law Anxious fast Intimidate Anger
5FF0 Sincere Anger Yin Read Xun accustomed to Xin Annoyed suddenly anger Anger
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

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