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4tune (born March 29, 1988 in Hamburg ; real name Mario Müller ) [2] is a German rapper and battlerap artist from Hamburg. He orientates himself on the underground and often adds elements of the battle rap to his songs. He became known through his participation and contributions in the JBB and VBT .


Mario Müller wrote his first rap lyrics as a teenager at the age of 15. Inspired by artists like Kool Savas , he was mainly interested in battle rap because it offers a wide range of topics and vocabulary and there are no major restrictions or taboos . In 2007 he was active under the name Terence Skillz in the Reimliga Battle Arena . In 2011 he was a finalist in the audio battle tournament of the MZEE forum, but was defeated by his opponent BattleBoi Basti . [3]

Other achievements he scored in the following year as a quarter-finalist in the on rappers.in discharged Video Battle tournament , and the winner of the first JuliensBlogBattles and Bar4Bar. However, he lost his "King" title in July's BlogBattle 2013 to SpongeBOZZ . 4tune was also able to convince the visitors of the Graffitibox Jam 2012 in Berlin with its performance and thus win the rap contest held there. [4] In addition, the Rap.de website awarded him the Best Newcomer 2012 award as a result of a survey . [3] [5]

In 2013, 4tune decided to take part in the VBT Splash! Edition instead of the regular video battle tournament. He fought his way through to the final and only had to admit defeat to the winner Persteasy . Despite its defeat in the final, 4Tune won one of 3 appearances at Splash 2013 , which were awarded by a vote among the rappers.in users to participants who distinguished themselves through special performance during the tournament. [6] In 2013 he submitted the song "No Problem Houston" to the JuliensBlogContest and thus placed third, endowed with 2,500 euros.

4tune forms together with Happy Beckmann and Dollar John the group Reimebude , which also took part in the Video Crew Battle (VCB), but had to surrender to the plot in the quarterfinals , which later won the tournament.

In 2011, 4tune released an album called ReGeneration , which can be downloaded for free from the Internet. According to the artist, this is a promo album. [7]

In addition to his musical career, 4tune attends the Free Drama School in Hamburg. [8] He is a vegetarian [3] and deals with magic , which he often addresses in his songs.

In 2013, 4tune was able to qualify in an online voting as one of 49 candidates for the TV show Millionärswahl on Pro7 / Sat1, the winner of which would have been EUR 1,000,000. However, he was eliminated in the semi-finals on January 18, 2014. [9]

In mid-2014, 4tune released its first album on Baba Saad's label Halunkenbande , which was initially to be called Der Fantastischen Vier , but Die Fantastischen Vier sued the rapper for using their name. 4tune responded with the Disstrack Then I prefer Coke . He renamed the album One Must Tune . [10]

Also in 2014 he again took part in “Julien's BlogBattle” (JBB), but was eliminated in the round of 16 after a draw in the first instance against rapper Laskah. In 2016 he took part in Julien Sewering's "MusicCypher" , where he reached the quarter-finals.

There was a comeback for 4tune in a bonus battle of the JBB 2018, when he announced his next album TouRAP Syndrom in the video. [11] For many fans, the sound of this video is considered to be “2014 4-Tune”, which means that this battle without opponents achieved very strong clicks.


  • 2011: ReGeneration (Free Download)
  • 2014: One has to tune it (first studio album by 4tune)
  • 2015: ReGeneration 2
  • 2017: Bang Shui (Collaboalbum with Der Asiate )
  • 2012: 4Tune Battle Package Part 1 (Free Download)
  • 2012: Reimebude Battlepaket 2 (Free Download)
  • 2018: Bang Shui Remix EP (Produced by Sebastian Mitchell)
  • 2013: No Problem Housten
  • 2014: Dreams
  • 2014: Input
  • 2014: I'd rather coke then
  • 2016: Our Satan
  • 2016: YouTube Killed The Television Star
  • 2016: Flysteppers / Erdogan Style
  • 2016: Gotta Fuck'em All (feat. Happy Beckmann und Dollar John)
  • 2017: Katja
  • 2017: Bang Shui (feat. Der Asiate)
  • 2017: Peer Pressure (feat The Asian and. Greeen )
  • 2017: It's a Trap (feat. Der Asiate)
  • 2017: Mach your Dreck (feat. The Asian)
  • 2019: Balls Coke
  • 2019: Blocka
  • 2019: Greta (Fridays for Future)
  • 2019: The Ritter family
  • 2020: distance
  • 2020: Zocken (Gaming Song)
  • 2020: fire
  • 2020: blue tick


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