4TV (Catalonia) - 4TV (Cataluña)

Public name 4TV
Channel type DVB-T
Programming Local
country SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Picture format 4:3
Transmission area CataloniaFlag of Catalonia.svg Catalonia
Location Villanueva and Geltrú
Spanish flag TDT Villanueva and Geltrú : 30
Tarragona : 54
DTT coverage of 4TV.

4TV is a private local television that broadcasts by DTT in the demarcations of Tarragona and Villanueva and Geltrú . Even though it is currently based in Cambrils, it has planned new studios in Vilaseca.

The channel is part of the Asociación de Televisions Digitals Independents de Proximitat and is promoted by Antoni Llorens, founder of the film distributor Lauren Films.

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