4Wheel Fun - 4Wheel Fun

4Wheel Fun
description Automotive magazine
Verlag Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG
First edition 1994
attitude 2009
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 74,571 Copies
(IVW Q2/2007)
Editor-in-chief Roland Korioth
Weblink www.4wheelfun.de
ISSN (Print)

4Wheel Fun was an automotive magazine that reported on off-road vehicles and SUVs . It was published from 1994 to 2009, initially by VF-Verlag / Mainz, and since 2005 by Motor Presse Stuttgart .

Publishing house / editorial office

4Wheel Fun was published monthly by Motor Presse Stuttgart . A magazine last cost 3.20 euros. The editorial office was in Berlin . Editor-in-chief Roland Korioth has headed 4Wheel Fun since 2005. He was represented by Frank B. Meyer. The editorial team was also responsible for the magazine Auto Straßenverkehr .

The test team drove and measured all test vehicles on closed-off routes. Mostly these were the Driving Center Groß Dölln , the Lausitzring and the driving area in Horstwalde. It was there that the monthly Supertest was also created, an extensive 1000-point practical test for off-road vehicles that is unique in this form in the German-speaking world. The results of the supertests were also published on the journal's online portal.

The Motor Presse Stuttgart announced on May 6, 2009 that the Berlin location, where the titles 4Wheel Fun and AUTOStraßenverkehr were published, will be closed. After the June 2009 edition was published, the print title was discontinued.

4Wheel Fun Online

There has been an internet platform since July 2008, which currently has around 320,000 visits (as of January 2014) and over four million page impressions per month ( IVW ). The internet platform will continue to exist even after the magazine is discontinued. Similar to the print magazine, current tests, driving reports and news on the subject of off-road vehicles / SUVs are published in the online edition. Birgit Priemann acts as the editorial director of 4wheelfun.de, the content of the platform is mainly designed by Torsten Seibt, who had previously also been a permanent member of the print editorial team.