4Xang - 4Xang

General information
Genre(s) Folk music , Austropop
founding 1996
resolution 2010
Founding members
Eik Breit (until 2004)
Heinz Jiras
Klaus-Emilio Kofler
Last occupation
Nino Holm (ab 2004)
Heinz Jiras
Klaus-Emilio Kofler

4Xang was an Austrian a cappella group. The SR archive of Austrian popular music describes the repertoire as a “mixture of cabaret and song, from Gstanzl to jazz”. [1]


In 1996, the singer founded Wilfried Scheutz , together with Eik Breit , who in the same year at the First General insecurity got out [2] , Heinz and Klaus-Jiras Emilio Kofler, the song Icarus had written for Wilfried, the band. The project was at the anniversary concert 25 years Wolfgang Ambros presented to the public. In 2004, Eik Breit was replaced by Nino Holm , who had also played in the First General Insecurity . [2] In 2010, the band broke up. Nino Holm, Heinz Jiras and Klaus-Emilio Kofler then joined the bandViennese blues committed. Not all live programs were released on CD; B. the program "Uff".

Band members


  • The Styrian Custom (1997, Maxi-CD)
  • 4-Xang (Live in the Grazer Theatercafe , 1998)
  • everything 1 (1999)
  • 4 (2000)
  • Alp Fiction (2005)
  • 4xmas (2005)
  • The Four Goschen Opera (2007)

Individual evidence

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