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4youCard - the youth card of the state of Upper Austria

The 4youCard is a free youth card for all residents of Upper Austria from 12 to 26 years of age. The 4youCard can also be given to young people who do not live in Upper Austria but who have their main place of residence in the state of Upper Austria. In addition to the function of proof of age, the 4youCard also has the function of a discount card for numerous benefit providers and events. [1]


As part of the Year of Youth (2001) in Upper Austria, the then youth state councilor Walter Aichinger gave the order to create a nationwide youth card with identification function. The aim was to offer an ID card for young people based on the new youth protection law, which is equivalent to a photo ID in youth protection matters (proof of age). [2] The card developed at that time by Reinhard Anreiter as head of the state youth department was named "4youCard". In 2001 the first 4youCards were issued. [3] 16 years later, the 4youCard has 165,000 members (as of February 2017) [4]and is known by 91% in the target group of 12 to 26 year olds. [5]

In February 2013, then Regional Councilor Doris Hummer presented the 4youCard as a digital card, which can be displayed on smartphones via an app . As with the analog version, a forgery-proof proof of age function has also been implemented here using security features. [6]


Proof of age for young people

Your name, address, date of birth and a photo are printed on the 4youCard. Since 2006, the 4youCard has been equivalent to an official photo ID within the meaning of the Youth Protection Act. Young people can use the 4youCard to gain entry to events or to consume drinks. [7]

Discounts at discount partners throughout Upper Austria

4youCard members receive discounts from more than 1,600 partners throughout Upper Austria from a wide variety of business sectors and at events. Young people can save with the 4youCard in their free time or for school or professional purposes. [7]

Information on music, trends, lifestyle and more

4youCard members regularly receive information on youth-relevant topics and campaigns via magazine, newsletter, homepage, etc. [7]

Motto der 4youCard: fun & fair

"fun & fair" is the motto behind the 4youCard. In short it means: fun should be, but not at the expense of others! [8th]

This motto runs through all of the 4youCard's promotions and events. One measure that arose from the motto of the 4youCard is the less alk - morefun4you campaign . Age-appropriate slogans were developed in cooperation with young people and a poster was issued every year:

  • 2003: Never again to bed in a helicopter!
  • 2004: full of oil again?
  • 2005: Everything in the blue area?
  • 2006: Alcohol makes pears hollow!
  • 2007/2008: Are you closed?
  • 2009/2010: Wiaschtln instead of Biaschtln!
  • 2011/2012: Don't let yourself be alkened!


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