5-Minute Dungeon - 5-Minute Dungeon

5-Minute Dungeon
Game data
Author Connor Reid
graphic Alex Diochon
Verlag Cosmos games
Publishing year 2017
Art Card game
Teammates 2 to 5
Duration 5 to 30 minutes
Alter from 8 years


5-Minute Dungeon (German "five-minute dungeon") is a fast, collaborative real-time - match game , [1] which in 2018 by game publisher [2] Cosmos was published. Within five minutes you have to defeat or successfully execute all monsters, obstacles, people and actions together with your fellow combatants. Various " heroes " are available for this, all of which have different abilities and thus different strengths and weaknesses. The game consists of 250 cards, five player boards and five boss boards. [2] The game was in the election forGame of the year 2018 on the recommendation list . [3]

This is how the game works

In order to successfully make it through the dungeon and eliminate the respective boss of the dungeon, you need resource cards. Each player receives a total of 40 cards; He places these on the draw pile of his respective “hero board”, the player board. Depending on the number of players, between three and five cards are drawn. If cards are discarded (to defeat monsters or an event occurs), the player may refill his hand cards from his draw pile.

On the way to the boss, there are many smaller dungeon maps between the player and the boss. Only when all dungeon maps have been removed, the players are allowed to venture to the boss.

To fend off or defeat the dungeon cards, they must meet the respective conditions of the dungeon card. So it takes z. For example, a resource card of the thief / ninja type and a resource card of the hunter / ranger type for the "Charming Slime". Only when both resource cards are discarded on the player's table is the monster defeated and the next dungeon card is revealed.

The heroes

The base game contains five hero boards. A hero tableau has two different heroes who use the same cards but have different special abilities. To activate this, the respective player must discard three of his hand cards on the discard pile. Each class contains all resource cards, of its own class (wizards & magicians e.g. blue resource cards) an above-average number. This way you can prepare well for different bosses through the respective class, should a boss need an above-average number of blue resource cards.

The Magician & The Magician - contains a large number of blue resource cards; with their skills they can either stop time or directly overcome an obstacle.

The Hunter & The Ranger - contains a lot of green resource cards; With their skills they can either let a player draw four cards or take out a person.

The Ninja & The Thief - contains a lot of purple resource cards; With their skills they can either draw five cards themselves or overcome an obstacle directly.

The Paladin & The Valkyrie - contains a lot of yellow resource cards; With their skills they can either let each player draw two cards or kill one person.

The Warrior & The Berserker - contains a lot of red resource cards; with their skills they can either kill a monster or take out a person.

the end of the game

The game ends when

  • all dungeon maps are done and the boss is defeated (victory)
  • no player can draw any more cards from his draw pile (defeat)
  • the five minutes have passed (defeat)

Goal of the game

The aim of the game is to clear all monsters, people and other obstacles out of the way within five minutes and then take down the boss of the dungeon. After a successful victory against the boss, you “climb” one level, so to speak, and can then dare to go to the next strongest boss. There are a total of five different bosses in the basic game.


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