5-Nonanol - 5-Nonanol

Structural formula
Structural formula of 5-nonanol
Name 5-Nonanol
other names
  • Nonan-5-ol
  • Dibutylcarbinol
Sum formula C 9 H 20 O
Brief description

colorless liquid [1]

External identifiers / databases
CAS number 623-93-8
EC number 210-820-2
ECHA-InfoCard 100.009.837
PubChem 12202
Wikidata Q25834690
Molar mass 144.26 g · mol −1
Physical state

liquid [1]


0,82 g·cm−3[1]

Melting point

5 °C[1]

boiling point

195 °C[1]

  • very sparingly soluble in water (0.43 g · l −1 at 20 ° C) [1]
  • soluble in ethanol [2]
Refractive index

1,4290 (20 °C)[3]

safety instructions
GHS hazard labeling [1]
no GHS pictograms
H and P phrases H: no H-phrases
P: no P-phrases [1]
As far as possible and customary, SI units are used. Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions . Refractive index: Na-D line , 20 ° C

5-Nonanol is a chemical compound from the group of alcohols .

Extraction and presentation

5-Nonanol can be obtained by reacting 5-Nonanone with sodium borohydride . [4]


5-Nonanol is a flammable, hardly inflammable, little volatile, colorless liquid that is very sparingly soluble in water. [1]


5-Nonanol is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of other compounds in chemical research. [3]

safety instructions

The vapors of 5-nonanol can form an explosive mixture with air ( flash point 77 ° C). [1]

Individual evidence

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