50 Hz working group - 50-Hz-Arbeitsgemeinschaft

Company sign of the 50 Hz consortium on a South African locomotive from 1991
Addresses on the Chinese locomotive 8K-008

The 50 Hz working group or 50 Hz group , English 50 c / s Group , French Groupement d'Étude d'Électrification Monophasé 50 Hz , later Groupement 50 Hz , was a consortium of European rail vehicle manufacturers , which electrical systems and traction vehicles for manufactured and sold the 25 kV 50 Hz traction power system. The company's registered office was in Zurich . [1]


The Association was founded in 1954 [2] on the initiative of the French railway engineer Fernand Nouvion founded with the aim of the export market for the in France developed technology of railway electrification with a voltage of 25 kV and a frequency to market of 50 Hz. The consortium achieved its first success with the electrification of the Istanbul S-Bahn . This was followed by the Portuguese Railways and export successes to the Soviet Union and China . A particularly large order was the electrification of the Indian railwayswith 25 kV and 50 Hz. The consortium sold equipment parts for over 1000 locomotives to India [3] and was very successful until the mid-1980s.


The following manufacturers belonged to the working group when it was founded:

Some of the companies listed above later merged with each other. In the 1990s ACEC, AEG, Alsthom, BBC and Siemens were still in the group. BBC left the 50 Hz community after merging with Asea. [3]

scope of delivery

Most of the projects included both fixed systems and traction vehicles and were carried out by the consortium as general contractor . By 1975, over 2150 locomotives , multiple units and electrical equipment for multiple units had been delivered. In addition, 600 km of railway lines were electrified and substations with a total output of 330 MVA were delivered. The scope of delivery also included signal and radio systems as well as remote control devices. [4] The projects were carried out in the following countries:

Traction vehicles

The 50 Hz consortium built the following vehicles:

Land Railway company designation number Construction year image
TurkeyTurkey Turkey TCDD E8000 18




PortugalPortugal Portugal CP 2500 15 1956–1957
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China CNR 6Y2 25 1958–1961
China Railways 6Y2.jpg
IfIf If IR WAM-1 100 1959–1960
WAM1 20202 locomotive.jpg
Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Soviet Union SŽD F 50 1959–1960
ElectricLoco f.jpg
HungaryHungary Hungary MÁV V43 379 1962–1982
MÁV V43 1001 original color.jpg
IfIf If IR WAG-1 112 1963–1966
WAG1 20710 locomotive.jpg
PortugalPortugal Portugal CP 2550 20 1963–1964
11.04.99 Entroncamento 2526 (3380001287) .jpg
IfIf If IR WAG-3 10 1965
Korea SudSouth Korea South Korea Korail 8000 94 1972–1980
Korail 8093.jpg
South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa SAR 7e 165 1978–1983
SAR Class 7E E7016.JPG
Costa RicaCosta Rica Costa Rica FECOSA 12 1980–1981 [5]
ZimbabweZimbabwe Zimbabwe NRZ EL1 30 1983 [6]
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China CR 8K 150 1987
8K 032 20111102.jpg
South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa Railway network 14E 3 1991–1994
SAR Class 14E Series 1 14-002.JPG

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